Watch the Sailor Moon Crystal Phase 3 Trailer

Just released is the Japanese trailer for the upcoming arc of Sailor Moon Crystal:

According to the official website, the show will be premiering Monday, April 4th on TOKYO MX and air weekly on Mondays. On Tuesdays, it will air on San TV and BS11; Fridays on TVQ Kyushu; and Sundays on Television Hokkaido and TV Aichi.

The new theme song, “In Love with the New Moon” is sung by Etsuko Yakushimaru. The new ending theme, “Eternal Eternity,” is sung by Sailors Uranus (Junko Minagawa) and Neptune (Sayaka Ohara).

Also, since it is Sailor Neptune’s birthday today, there is a Twitter event where they released a special image of Michiru to celebrate her birthday after 1000 retweets of the announcement of the trailer on the Sailor Moon 20th official account.

Here’s the tweet showing the birthday image:

We will be on the lookout for official confirmation of streaming options for fans outside of Japan to continue watching episodes.

Sera Myu: Petite Étrangère Coming to DVD


Coming January 28th (As of this article its now past) is the release of the recent Sera Myu Musical “Petite Étrangère” which came out in summer 2014 in Japan. For us Moonies out in the US, the musicals are unfortunately still out of our reach for actually attending unless you visit the country, but the DVD is the next best option in this case. The more recent musical is based off of the Sailor Moon R storyline that the upcoming Sailor Moon Crystal season will be covering (coming to a Crunchyroll source nearest you) which features the debut of Chibi Usa into the story along with Sailor Pluto, one of the Outer Senshi.

Extras include a behind the scenes making of feature that shows how the musical was made, a “party” video and commentary from the from some of the main cast of the show.

Currently the DVD is released at 8,424 Yen (70 dollars US) and was released the same time as Momoiro Clover Z’s new song “Yume no Ukiyo ni Saitemina” which is a song that was collaborated by Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, KISS. For those who are interested, the DVD is available on this link.

Sailor Moon Crystal Limited Edition Blu-Ray Box Set 2 Released in Japan

The Sailor Moon Crystal Limited Edition Blu-Ray Box Set 2 is officially out in Japan. The box set showcases a 24-Page Full Color Booklet, the second charm for the bag chain charm set from DVD Box Set 1 (In the Shape of the Mercury Transformation Pen/Heshin Wand), as well as the disc case which showcases artwork of Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno. Box Set 2 will include episodes 3&4 of the series. The Box Set is going for ¥7020 after taxes (about $80.00) on the sales website CD JAPAN

The regular Blu-Ray and DVD will be released in Japan on December 10, 2014 as shown on the merchandise website Sailor Moon Collectibles as well as on CD Japan. It will retail for ¥4860 for the Blu-Ray and ¥3780 for the DVD .

Sailor Moon Petite Étrangère Musical Going on in Japan Now! NicoNico Live Webcast Announced.

SM Petite Entrangere

Sailor Moon News has given us news about the new Sailor Moon Musical! The new Sailor Moon Musical: Sailor Moon Petite Éntrangère is going on now in Japan! It ran from August 21-31 in Tokyo and runs from September 7-9 in Osaka with another showing in Shanghai, China in January 2015, the first time a Sailor Moon Musical has been shown outside of Japan.

Japanese Video Website NicoNico ( Site In Japanese) has announced a live webcast of the Musical on September 7th, 2014. This gives fans a chance to enjoy the musical without the need to travel all the way to Japan or China.

The musical takes place around the time of Classic Sailor Moon R, around the battle with The Black Moon Clan and the first appearance of Chibi-Usa. The official Sailor Moon website has announced a DVD release of the Musical at the price of 7800 yen (about $75 USD) and will release on January 28, 2015.

Here’s a Preview of the Musical

Source: Sailor Moon News

The Cast of Sailor Moon’s New Musical “Petite Étrangère” has been Announced!


Sailor Moon’s newest musical has been announced, get ready for Petite Étrangère! This new production will run in two separate locations, starting in Tokyo from August 21-31 and then moving to Osaka from September 5-7.
The cast remains the same as last time, with the exception of a new Sailor Mercury.

Sailor Moon: Satomi Okubo
Sailor Mars: Kanon Nanaki
Sailor Jupiter: Yu Takahashi
Sailor Venus: Shiori Sakata
Tuxedo Mask: Yuga Yamato
And Sailor Mercury will be played by Momoyo Koyama, who is replacing Miyabi Matsuura from the La Reconquista musical.


As some fans may have noticed, the title Petite Étrangère is also the chapter title for Chibi Moon’s entrance to the story, which is further confirmed by the official websites mention of: “A mysterious girl who came from the future, and a new enemy, Black Moon!” In other news, Sailor Moon’s new musical and anime have both attracted plenty of new stateside attention as well, with The Mary Sue spreading the word on Sailor Moon Crystal, and posting their own article on Petite ÉtrangèreLooks like this is going to be an exciting summer for Sailor Moon fans around the world!