Otakon Announces Sailor Moon Voice Cast Guests and Sailor Moon Day


To go along with some of our Classic Sailor Moon voice veterans Linda Ballantyne, Katie Griffin, and voice director John Stocker, Otakon has two more voice actors to add to the list. Sailor Moon’s new voice actress Stephanie Sheh will be attending the convention, as well as our new Tuxedo Mask, Robbie Daymond! See their press release here!

Otakon has also planned a Sailor Moon Saturday in partnership with Viz Media to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the show! To start, they are inviting cosplayers to attempt to break Anime Expo’s largest U.S. Sailor Moon gathering Saturday morning. Then in the afternoon, attendees will be treated to a preview of the new Classic dub, along with a Q&A with Stephanie Sheh and Robbie Daymond after the episodes are shown. Also, Otakon has stated that this event will feature two never before seen dubbed episodes! There will be an exclusive poster to go along with the Official Sailor Moon Autograph Session hosted at the convention too! Then in the evening, the first two Sailor Moon Crystal episodes will be screened to round off the day. For more details, see their press release here.


Viz Media will bring in some special items for the convention as well. These will be offered throughout the weekend at their booth in the Dealer’s Hall, but quantities are limited when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Our first item will be a limited edition Sailor Moon coin, in an exclusive color for Otakon. This coin can be earned by participating in the Sailor Moon Stamp Rally. Simply ask one of the Sailor Guardians at the Viz booth for a stamp card and then go off on your search to collect stamps and defeat the Dark Kingdom…And earn that fancy coin. Note: These will be handed out in a limited quantity per day.

The other exclusive Otakon product is a Sailor Moon T-shirt! It will be available in both ladies’ and men’s sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL) and will feature metallic pink lettering on a “deep heather silver” 100% cotton shirt.

The third item is the aforementioned poster, which shall be given out for free at the Autograph Session and the Sailor Moon Panel. Once again, quantities are limited so be sure to get yours ASAP!

Catching Up On Sailor Moon News

It’s been a busy time for the Moon-Chase staff, so here’s a quick post catching up on some details we’ve been waiting on some confirmation for and details around the Sailor Moon Classic release set for this November.

Viz Media announced our dub’s producers in a press release earlier this week, Jamie Simone and Rita Majkut. Suzanne Goldish was announced to be the dub’s voice director. Jamie Simone has worked on a multitude of anime, producing the English version of Bleach, Naruto, Naruto Shippuden and Tiger & Bunny. Rita Majkut has fewer works under her belt, but all of them are producer roles. Some of her featured works would include Digimon Fusion, Digimon Data Squad, and the Digimon Frontier movie as well as Rave Master and Zatch Bell. Suzanne Goldish has done ADR directing and voice directing for Bleach, and voice direction for K.

We also have a few more details on the Blu Ray and DVD release of Sailor Moon Season One, Part One. (Out November 11) It’s once again been confirmed that it will be shown in its original 4X3 aspect ratio, with a 1080p remaster. New details include the mention of a ‘signs and songs’ subtitle track that will be included in the release. One of the bonus features will include footage from the Sailor Moon Panel at Anime Expo. The Limited Edition Blu Ray will come with a foil accented box that will also hold Season One, Part Two. The Standard DVD release is not being ignored however, the three disc set will have a foil accented O-card cover (Slip cover) as well! The DVD release will also feature the ‘signs and songs’ subtitle track. Below is a picture of the Limited Edition box that will hold Season One, Parts One and Two.

Sailor Moon Blu Ray

Speaking of conventions, be sure to check out a recording of the Anime Expo panel, here! Part 2. Part 3.


For a little more information on the release, we emailed Viz Media with a few questions, it’s formatted like a Q&A below for easy reading:

Q. When you mean “chipboard” boxset, are we talking as in made out of pressed wood or reclaimed paper? And will this roughly look like other boxsets of anime series past where usually volume 1 would come in a special box with room for the other volumes?

A. Sailor Moon Season 1 Part 1 will be packaged in a similar fashion to other Limited Edition DB/DVD box sets. To see the chipboard outer box, here’s an unboxing video of one of our other release, K, so you can see the thickness (Link). Keep in mind Sailor Moon will look different as it will have 23 episodes, rather than the standard 12-13. The Sailor Moon Season 1 Part 1 LE will have a space to fit Season 1 Part 2 when it releases. When Sailor Moon R Part 1 releases, the plan is to have a Limited Edition option similar to Season 1 with space for part 2 and so forth, making for 5 total LE boxes across the 200 episode Sailor Moon series.
Q. Another fan has asked if the main cast will remain consistent throughout the series.
A. The plan is to keep the cast consistent throughout the 200 episode series, specials and movies, yes.


Q. When will Sailor Moon Crystal be dubbed? After all of the existing series and movies have been dubbed or will this be done concurrently?

A. There is no news on a dubbed production at this time. For anime properties, dubbed productions generally happen after a series is shown in Japan, but there is no news specifically on Sailor Moon Crystal at this time. We hope fans continue to show their support for Sailor Moon Crystal as well as Sailor Moon by watching the official simulcasts on VIZ.com, Neon Alley and Hulu. All these outlets are free and these views do a lot to show the creators fan support for the series.


Q. Will any of the theme song or ending singles be released in North America from Viz?

A. There is no news on any possible Sailor Moon North American music releases at this time.

Viz Media Posts Third Official Sailor Moon Classic Dub Clip

Start your weekend with our first introduction to Queen Beryl and Jadeite! Cindy Robinson and Todd Haberkorn are the features of our new sneak peek at Sailor Moon’s new dub.

Don’t forget to watch episode two of Sailor Moon Crystal as well! It’s up for streaming on Hulu, Crunchyroll, and NicoNico! Episode three will air Saturday, August 7.

Breaking News! Viz Media Posts Second Official Classic Sailor Moon Dub Clip

Yesterday’s clip not enough for you? Well, we’ve got another one! Michelle Ruff as Luna is the feature of this two minute clip, where Luna tracks down Usagi and drafts her into becoming a Sailor Guardian. Once again it advertises the Blu Ray Limited Edition set, and as mentioned on their Youtube page, if you order at Rightstuf, you can get a limited edition coin printed with Sailor Moon’s transformation brooch!


Breaking News! Viz Media Posts First Official Sailor Moon Classic Dub Clip

Today Viz Media posted the very first peek we have at the new Sailor Moon Classic dub! This short clip features the scene where Usagi and Mamoru first meet, introducing us to Stephanie Sheh as Usagi and Robbie Daymond as Mamoru. The clip also shows off an image of the chipboard art box that will be released with the limited edition Blu Ray set this November. Check it out below!