Moon Cooking!

A few weeks ago, I ran into an article about a high school in Japan that was having their yearly symposium, an event for the graduating class to show off their culinary skills. This took place at Ogaki Sakura Senior High School, in Gifu, Japan. This is not your conventional high school, here students can enroll in one of four programs: fashion design, welfare, food creation, and lifestyle and culture. This year’s theme was “Moon”! Students prepared dishes to reflect this theme from a wide variety of different cuisines. Japanese culinary treats included dumplings and other desserts that were round like the moon and arranged in the same way. The moon’s shape also reminded the chefs of the different seasons, so round spring and summer gardens were also created to complement the theme. The western cuisine used different variations on the Moon Princess, and Sailor Moon was one of them! Chinese cuisine was particularly difficult, one student remarked that it was very difficult to make carvings that would fit the theme on the meats and the vegetables. Mango pudding finished off the Chinese meal’s dessert. There are a few pictures of the event here, and fans can read the article (in Japanese) after the jump – it has since been removed and I had to work off of a cache to bring you this story.

料理のテーマは月 大垣桜高校食物科生が卒業作品展









Cooking with the Outer Senshi!

This one gave us a good laugh when we saw it! Poor Jamie Van Eaton loves Wendy’s Baconator, but if he is to stick on his diet, he has to find a low-carb solution to the bun. By accident, he made a mistake when he was making his Atkins’ Revolution Rolls… however this mistake proved to better the recipe, making the buns strong enough to hold the burger and less eggy in flavor! And what, you may ask is the Sailor Moon connection to this story? Simple! He thought he would share the recipe with all his readers, and have the Outer Senshi demonstrate how to make these rolls! To see the image in the article, click the next link above the picture of the burger. We have posted the image here to make the fans’ life a little easier. Who knew the Outer Senshi liked cooking in their spare time?