Japan Shopping Services for Crystal Brooch Compact

Hi Moonies: I wrote to two Japan shopping services last night and heard back from both this morning (both sites claim they can order anything from anywhere, but I had wanted to make sure before I posted on this site).  For those of you who are wanting to order the Crystal Brooch Compact, you have two choices (and fans, if you know of any others, please let us know via email).  One is Rinkya.com and the other is From Japan to You.  I have no idea what using any of these services is like, but I am more inclined to try From Japan since Rinkya wants you to scan your credit card and government-issued ID, and charges a little more in handling fees.  If any fans have used any of these services and would like to let us know of their experience, please post a comment here as I am sure many other fans would like to purchase this product!

Moon Prism Power REAL Make-Up!

Hot offcompact01 the presses Moonies, Fumio Osabu has just announced that a Sailor Moon Makeup Compact will be hitting the stores in Japan.  After many requests from fans for transformation items, “Crystal Brooch” is the first authentic Sailor Moon-themed adult makeup product ever!  The compact is aimed for girls who loved the compact toy who have now grown up to be women who wear beautiful makeup. The compact comes with “Sailor Moon R Moon Miracle Romance Shining Powder” pressed powder, and a mirror.  Special attention was paid to the detail of this product as it actually looks like Sailor Moon’s compact.  The compact will be unveiled to the public at the Tokyo Toy Show at Tokyo Big Sight on the 16th. More ordering information is at Premium Bandai.  This compact will be produced by Bandai’s premiere cosmetics line, Creer Beaute.  The price is listed at 3980 Japanese Yen, or around $40 USD. What do you think Moonies? Would you like to see something like this at Sephora?

EDIT: This product will not be available for shipment until October, but pre-orders are available as supplies permit.

EDIT: Some more details have been learned about this product. The powder has a gentle “Princess Floral Fragrance” that is smelled when you open up the compact, and the powder has been specially formulated to absorb sebum to avoid that oily look on the face (I am curious if Naoko Takeuchi’s background in chemistry and pharmaceuticals contributed at all?).  But this will not dry out your face as the powder has a moisturizing component to it. And finally, the powder will have some pink glitter elements to it to give the skin a glossy tone.

Update – Operation Moonrise Phase 7 & New T-Shirts!

Greetings Moonies! We have been really happy with the results and the positive feedback for our latest survey. However there has been a recent curveball – while the current survey has been running, there has been some recent product lines additions by Hot Topic. Not to fear though, the current surveys that we have received so far will still be forwarded to our contacts; however we are modifying the survey to allow comments for the most recent additions to the Sailor Moon product line. For users that have finished the survey, they will have to redo the mandatory questions, however they may only comment on the recent T-Shirt designs that were recently released (although if you are taking the survey for a second time, and you have any other additional comments to add, feel free to do so). If you are taking the survey for the first time, please complete the entire survey. We understand that there will be some duplicate surveys in the report (which we will make a note about); however we also felt that we should be fair to the fans that finished the survey first and give them the opportunity to respond to the most recent merchandise. Once again, we thank the fans of Sailor Moon for stepping up to take these surveys and for being flexible to the changing product lines that are currently being created to bring our favourite show back to life!

In addition to the link above, readers with smartphones that have QR Code readers can snap this photo below and take the survey on their mobile phones.  We make no guarantees how this will display or run on mobile devices.  For those fans who try this please let us know how it goes!  Also, Hybrid Apparel forwarded us catalog images of the new T-shirts to share with you all.  This is the first time we’ve seen images like this that go down to who designed the shirt and what colors and inks are being used.  We like seeing the names of the shirts too!












Thanks for your continued support of Operation Moonrise! And now, on to the survey!

Mid-November Updates

Hey Moonies! Yes, we all know there have been a lack of updates going on this site in the last few weeks. There really hasn’t been anything going on. There was a story from Japan recently about a TV Meteorologist who was inspired to be in her field because of Sailor Moon, and Sailor Moon Channel has new horoscopes posted.

And we couldn’t let this actor update go unnoticed at all – Keiko Han (Luna in both the anime and PGSM, Queen Beryl in the anime) and her daughter Megumi are keeping it in the family! Both are currently appearing in Madhouse’s retelling of Yoshihiro Togashi’s (Naoko Takeuchi’s husband) Hunter X Hunter! Megumi is in the leading role as Gon Freecss, and Keiko Han plays Mito Freecss, Gon’s adopted mother. Megumi was challenged on the first day of recording; while she was working alongside her mother, she still felt some of the pressure from her! She also said that her mother was surprised that she chose to follow in her footsteps, and initially didn’t consider voice acting a career until after she had started university. Oricon conducted an interview with the two of them which can be read here!

Junichi Sato (Director for Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R seasons) will be making his first American convention appearance! He will appear at Ushicon 2012 in Austinn, Texas, from February 3-5th. For more information, check out the con’s official webpage here!

Hot Topic just recently introduced a new purple Sailor Moon T-shirt featuring Sailor Moon, Chibi-Usa, and Luna-P (or Rini and Luna Ball for you dubbies). Sailordees’ one sentence review: like the design, appeals to the younger fan in me, wish yet again this wasn’t so see through. The Sailor Moon Raglan is also back in stock. Oh, and Hot Topic now has a Sailor Moon Hoodie! Keep your eyes on the site though, the product has just launched and will probably be in stock very soon (fans do not worry, you didn’t miss this). This is a site we have on our daily radar that we check every morning and evening, and the hoodie was not listed this week.

While Hot Topic was the exclusive launch licensee for the T-shirts, FYE is now testing the sales of the T-shirts in their stores now. We contacted a representative of Hybrid Apparel yesterday, and learned that the two will always have different designs for t-shirts. But, if this test is successful then there could be potential to have Sailor Moon shirts at other retailers in the spring. Fans can check out images of the shirts posted at Sailor Moon Fans on Livejournal.

We are not sure that FYE was a wise decision. FYE has only 440 stores nationwide, of which the vast majority of them are concentrated in Eastern states. Hot Topic has 634 stores that are balanced a little more evenly throughout the US. FYE also doesn’t sell their shirts online, and we all know what the demand for these shirts are. It is hard to know if FYE’s success will match that of Hot Topic’s.

For those of you who read Anime News Network and didn’t read the posting on our Facebook page yesterday, here’s our correction reposted here.

“For those of you who have read this week’s ANN Answerman, there’s a major inaccuracy posted. “Dumbing it down even further, it’s a tangled, messy legal nightmare.” The “legal nightmare” is OVER – why else are we seeing anime-related merchandise?! There are only a few hands responsible for working the agreements for each territory, and they have come into fruition one at a time. It took a long time for these hands to reach North America. It will happen soon, major strides began in September. Once again, we invite ANN to stop talking about the rights to Sailor Moon in such a negative light, because you’re not doing the series any good with your words.”

And while we are still talking Sailor Moon politics: Italy isn’t getting the Artbooks. We don’t know any more details about this, but we do have a lot of questions. Did GP publishing ever have the rights, and did they say that they would publish them ahead of any contracts being signed? Were they pulled suddenly by Naoko Takeuchi/PNP? Did they disappear for the same reason that there will be no new toys there this holiday season? On the North America side, we can tell you that the companies are aware of fans’ demand for the artbooks. Until we hear a definite no, we will keep trying. And as far as the Mexico DVDs go? We haven’t been able to keep up with this – but please do your part to support Sailor Moon. Mexican Moonies, let us know if sales are still dwindling (Hey Cycyn, could you be so kind to send us an email to tell us what is going on? We miss you xoxo).

On the bright side, Sailor Moon’s trip to North America should have the absolute and complete go ahead to purchase her plane ticket very close to Christmas.  There should be news in 2012!

Edit: Here are some better pictures of the T-shirt designs being sold at FYE. Photos provided by Hybrid Apparel.

BREAKING NEWS: New Men’s T-Shirt Finally Online at Hot Topic!

You asked for it, Hybrid Apparel promised, and now it’s hereOrder your Men’s Sailor Moon T-Shirt online at Hot Topic now!  It looks like Hybrid Apparel and Toei Animation Inc. decided to go with a white shirt instead of both a white and a black one for the men (From BlueSwim: We have yet to confirm that a Rini bib is in the making to keep the shirt stain free xD)! The design is almost exactly the same as one used for the Sailor Moon Sailor Senshi Girls T-Shirt, but without the retro-styled logo.  For those of you gals who didn’t quite fit into the junior’s sizes of the women’s tshirts, this shirt is probably much more forgiving!  Thanks again to Hybrid Apparel and Toei Animation Inc. for remembering the male Moonies!

Image Credit: Hot Topic