Finally, We Can End the Catherine Disher Saga…(And A Gemini Awards Update)

We posted not too long ago that Linda Ballantyne had revealed to us that she was in fact the voice of Snow Princess Kaguya in the Sailor Moon S movie – and we watched it again and heard the similarities to other voices she had played in other cartoons. However, one (or more) fans continued to disbelieve this, and posted some very rude comments on our blog. We did some more lurking on the internet, and discovered that many places were still giving Catherine the credit. Moreover, it has never actually been confirmed that she did in fact play Mimete in the S-season, as the episodes on DVD never credited her by name in any episode. Therefore we decided to put an end to this, and investigate this for once and for all. On Thursday, I personally called up Ms. Disher’s agency and spoke to a representative there. The representative tried to get a hold of a voice acting agent, but he was not in at the time. I left my email in the hopes that I’d hear back one way or another. Around an hour later, the representative emailed me back and told me that she played the role of Mimete, and not Snow Princess Kaguya. To you fans who are still skeptical, we can’t prove this any more than we already have. So please stop telling us that we have it wrong, because the agency has given us more “official proof” that she did not play Kaguya. Any further comments to the contrary will be ignored, the research has been done and reported, please let the issue go. Unfortunately, I am unable to share which agency she is represented by on this site, out of respect for her. We won’t report an actor on this site unless we can absolutely verify that they had a role in Sailor Moon.

On a more positive note, this means we have another voice actress to follow on our radar, and we can make a more complete update to our Gemini Awards post. Catherine was nominated for her role on CBC’s The Border as Superintendent Maggie Norton (fans can check out episodes here) in the category “Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Series”. Unfortunately, she did not win – Gabrielle Miller (who many know very well as Lacey from CTV’s now ended Corner Gas) won for her role in Robson Arms playing Bobbi Briggs. Lyon Smith (Sapphire) and Stephanie Morgenstern (Sailor Venus #1) were also nominated in different categories, but did not win. However, Stephanie Morgenstern and her husband Mark Ellis’ Flashpoint won 3 awards during the initial presentation! This Saturday, many are predicting that it will win more during the broadcast gala. Keep your eyes peeled on Global TV tonight!

BREAKING NEWS: Stephanie Morgenstern, Lyon Smith, and Maria Vacratsis Nominated for Gemini Awards!

Nominations for the 24th Annual Gemini Awards in Canada (equivalent of the USA Emmy Awards) were announced this morning in Toronto. Flashpoint is nominated for a record 19 awards in 12 categories! Congratulations to Mark Ellis, Stephanie Morgenstern (Sailor Venus #1), and all of the writers, actors, and crew who were nominated. Lyon Smith (Prince Sapphire) and Maria Vacratsis (Negaforce) were also nominated for awards. We have posted their awards below, but to see the entire list of awards that Flashpoint was nominated for, head over to our sister blog, We Got The Solution!

The list of awards is posted below by category, with Sailor Moon actor nominees in bold.

Best Writing in a Dramatic Series:

Mark Ellis, Stephanie Morgenstern
Haunting the Barn

Lori Spring
Murdoch Mysteries
I, Murdoch

Floyd Kane
Fathers and Daughters

Brad Wright
Stargate Atlantis
The Shrine

Michael Hirst
The Tudors
Episode 205

Best Individual or Ensemble Performance in an Animated Program or Series:

Tajja Isen, Colin Fox, Dwayne Hill, Bruce Hunter, Rick Miller, Adrian Truss
Atomic Betty (3)
Elementary, My Dear Minimus/Great Eggspectations

Paul O’Sullivan, Melissa Altro, Juan Chioran, Michael Cohen, Sean Cullen, Lili Francks, M. Christian Heywood, Krystal Meadows, Lyon Smith
Pinkeye’s Revenge P2

Dwayne Hill
Fangs A Lot

Best Ensemble Performance in a Comedy Program or Series

Fabrizio Filippo, Jennifer Baxter, Mike Beaver, Robin Brûlé, Jayne Eastwood, Brandon Firla, Ron Gabriel, Peter Keleghan, Arnold Pinnock, Aron Tager
Billable Hours
A Manson for All Seasons

Ordena Stephens-Thompson, Trey Anthony, Daniel J Gordon, Eli Goree, Ngozi Paul
Da Kink in My Hair – Season 2
Black Cake, White Cake

Christopher Bolton, Oliver Becker, Michael Bodnar, Sarain Boylan, Inga Cadranel, Louis Di Bianco, Carlos Diaz, Mark Cameron Fraser, Matt Gordon, Gabriel Hogan, Mayko Nguyen, Pascal Petardi, Joe Pingue, Jeff Pustil, Simon Reynolds, Philip Riccio, Maria Vacratsis, Jeremy Wright
Ham in a Pram

Shaun Majumder, Gavin Crawford, Mark Critch, Geri Hall, Cathy Jones
This Hour Has 22 Minutes Series XVI
Episode 1

Steve Cochrane, Kevin Ellis, George Komorowski, Adriana Maggs, Jordan McCloskey, Steven Morana, Paul Snepsts, Joel Stewart
Three Chords from the Truth
Tommy’s Label Showcase

We’ll be watching out for these awards come October 19th and 20th, and November 14th, to keep you all updated on who wins! Congratulations again to Stephanie, Lyon, and Maria and we all wish you the best of luck!

Flashpoint News Roundup!

Who caught tonight’s episode? What a twist and a sad ending :(. I quite enjoyed the banter between the SRU in the workout room in the beginning! Leave us your thoughts below!

Flashpoint Nominated for More Awards

Unfortunately, the show didn’t win the award it was nominated for at the CFTPA Indie Awards (Season 2 of Intelligence won). Sarah Gadon, who played Tasha in the episode Attention Shoppers, was nominated for an ACTRA Toronto award, but unfortunately didn’t win either (we really loved her performance in it too :(). On a side note, Robert Tinkler (Rubeus, Pupuran) was also nominated for his voice work on Cyberchase (and also didn’t win). Flashpoint however it has other award noms on the horizon! Two episodes have been nominated for the Writers Guild of Canada’s Screenwriters Awards! And they are: Tracey Forbes for Attention Shoppers and Adam Barken for Who’s George?. The show is against episodes from ReGenesis and Murdoch Mysteries. The Awards will be held on Monday, April 20th – we wish Flashpoint the best of luck!

IGN Posts Interview with Enrico Colantoni

We’re just going to link you to this one with a warning that Enrico Colantoni uses some nasty words in this interview that are censored. We recommend all our readers who are old enough to read this check it out – he gives out a lot of hints about the new season and also what it’s like behind the scenes. He talks about how he feels a certain kinship to the show since his brother was a cop. At the end of the interview he makes special note about how the show is “allowed to be in Toronto” and how relieved the crew is to not have to hide certain things that are “Canadian”, and how the show has been able to adapt and become a city that could be anywhere in the world. We especially like how there has been such a variety in the different cultures of the characters on the show.

And Finally, Last Week’s Canadian Ratings…

We are so elated to read on BBM that Flashpoint has risen! The show went up from having 910K viewers the week before to having 1.339 viewers last week – rising from the 24th most watched program to the 12th most watched program in Canada! We can all breathe again and hopefully the show will rise even more! Keep watching the show, Canadian fans!

Flashpoint Reminder!

Hey Moonies! Just a reminder that Flashpoint is returning to both CTV and CBS this Friday, January 9th – please watch it and continue to give Stephanie Morgenstern (Sailor Venus #1) and her husband Mark Ellis your support! These episodes are really amazing, and we encourage all our readers to catch them on TV – we will be! The first of the four “lost episodes” from Season 1 begins this week, and the new episodes begin on February 6th. All we know is that there is a new female member named Donna who will present quite the challenge to the SRU. CBS has posted a new promotional interview with show star Enrico Colantoni (Sgt. Greg Parker) and this interview is playable (unlike some clips on CBS’s site) in Canada! We have also uncovered an older interview of Enrico along with co-star David Paetkau (Sgt. Sam Braddock). And as always, our summaries will return shortly after the show airs!

In other fantastic Flashpoint news, the show has finally been nominated for it’s first of what we hope will be many awards! The Canadian Film and Television Association announced its nominations for the 2009 CFTPA Indie Awards, and Flashpoint is nominated for Best Prime Time Drama Series and faces competition from ReGenesis, Intelligence, and The Border. We wish the best of luck for Flashpoint and we really hope that it wins! Other productions which VAs have made appearances were nominated – The Border featured two VAs, Intelligence has featured Sabrina Grdevich in the past, Little Mosque on the Prairie which has featured not one, not two, but three VAs in its run, and Mayerthorpe which starred Wendy Lyon (Queen Serenity) in a supporting role.

Flashpoint Rested for Only A Flash…

Haha, and the sad part is, I never get tired of cracking jokes including the word “flash” for this show… Flashpoint has been up to a lot since we last updated, so let’s get to the roundup!

Sergio Di Zio in Award-Winning Play!

We don’t normally talk about co-stars of Sailor Moon actors on this site, but we’re making an exception because we love playing Six Degrees Of Sailor Moon! Sergio Di Zio , who plays Mike “Spike” Scarlatti (the bomb expert) on Flashpoint is starring in a play making it’s rounds around Canada! He will appear in Scorched, a play about a mother’s last will and testament that sends her surviving twins Simon and Janine plunging into her past in a war-torn country on a journey in pursuit of their origins. She wishes for them to travel back to her country to find a brother they never knew about, and a father who is claimed to have died for the country. The show will play for the second time at the Tarragon Theatre in Toronto, it had a sold-out run in February of 2007 and won two Dora awards! Lyon Smith (Sapphire) has often worked behind-the-scenes with sound for many of the plays at that theater. Sergio will be playing Simon, described as”an amateur boxer with a short fuse” who resents his mother. The play is currently showing in Winnipeg at the MTC Warehouse until November 29th. All of you are encouraged to go see this if you can! In an interview with the Winnipeg Sun, he revealed that Flashpoint recently began shooting it’s second season. Stephanie Morgenstern (Sailor Venus #1) and Mark Ellis didn’t get much of a break in between it seems :(. Nonetheless, we look forward to seeing what harrowing situations the SRU is faced with episode 10 (first season, still unaired!) and beyond….

Flashpoint May Be Coming Back Earlier Than We Expected?

When Flashpoint abruptly ended last September with four episodes still left to air on CBS and CTV, many television critics and writers predicted the last few episodes would be a midseason replacement should CBS cancel a show. And it looks like that day is coming soon. Just a few weeks ago, the network canceled The Ex-List, which aired on a Friday night. Since then, the slot has been filled with re-runs of NCIS which have been doing well in the ratings, but it has been speculated by some critics that CBS will have to come up with a better solution. And they are predicting that Flashpoint is going to fill this timeslot soon between (ugh) The Horse Whisperer and Numb3rs. Keep your fingers crossed Moonies, we may be seeing the lost episodes of Flashpoint a lot sooner than we expected! Flashpoint is available on iTunes Canada for $1.99 an episode, or 23.99 for a Season Pass, which will allow you to purchase all the episodes for Season 1 (including those that are upcoming). For more information, iTunes Canada members can click here.

Anne Marie La Traverse and Bill Mustos Named Canadian Producers of the Year by Playback!

Our favorite Canadian media industry publication has just named Flashpoint‘s Anne Marie La Traverse and Bill Mustos Producers of the Year! More will be featured in Playback’s November 24th issue, and we have our fingers crossed that the show will win more accolades in their December issue!

And Finally, Flashpoint in Poland!

We are some of the luckiest bloggers in the world for two reasons: we’ve gotten to meet and work with a lot of interesting people since this site started, and we have got one of the best international fanbases who interact with us often helping us bring news to the fans they wouldn’t find anywhere else! One of these fans is Maciej Puka, who emailed us all the way from Poland to tell us a little bit about Flashpoint! The show has been part of Poland’s nScreen VOD service for a few months now and Maciej tell us that this service costs $9 US ($30 Poland Zloty) a month, and the show is available in HD. What surprised us even more was when he told us that not only was the show dubbed in Polish, but subscribers had three versions to pick from. The English version (what we see on TV here), English version with Polish subtitles, and the Polish dub! This is really cool that Polish people have the choice to watch it in English if they want to! We encourage the rest of our readers overseas who know anything about how this show is delivered in their country to tell us about it! We would love to feature it on this site, as Flashpoint is probably going to take the cake for the biggest achievement by a North American VA this year!