SeraMyu Comes to Germany

The musical group La Soldier has secured the rights to perform the SeraMyu musicals in Germany. We have heard the leader of the group bought the rights for the first SeraMyu musical from her own savings. According to La Soldier’s website, the performances will be very similar to the original, except they will be performed in German.

The group’s premiere performance will take place in April 2012 in Hamburg. The premiere will take place on Saturday, April 7th at Theater an der Marschnerstraße, located at Marschnerstraße 46 – 22081 Hamburg beginning at 6 p.m. The premiere will include special guest star Yuuki Nanami of singing in the show.

German fans can find more information about La Soldier’s appearances and performances on their website. We will also be keeping in touch with La Soldier and bring you more news about them in the coming months.

London Gets to Experience Sailor Moon (Again) as Part of An Animation Festival!

From Toei Animation Europe’s Headquarters this morning, we learned that Sailor Moon is part of a special festival celebrating animation at London’s Barbican Art Gallery! Watch Me Move: The Animation Show traces the history of animation over the last 150 years. Over 100 films are being featured this year from a broad range of animatin styles including cutout, collage, puppet, clay, stop-motion, and anime, among several others. The reviews we have read from others around the web have been positive! Likewise, if any of our readers are going to go to this exhibit and would like to tell us more about it, we would love to hear from you! The exhibit runs until September 11th of this year. Fans can also check out a schedule of film screenings and special events. Excerpts from the Sailor Moon anime are featured in the exhibition itself, there are no set screenings for specific episodes listed. It is likely that these are subtitled in English. This is the second time that fans in London are able to watch an official version of the show in English, even though there are no complete episodes this time.

The release also mentions that the show will be presented in two history museums in Germany, however as of this writing we are unaware of which museums those are.

Summer 2011 Sailor Moon Cosplayers Galore!

Hi Moonies! We all feel the draught of nothing exciting to report in the Sailor Moon world this week (and we wish it were different). Some cosplayers have been in the news for dressing up like characters from Sailor Moon, so we’re going to share them with you!

First, a cosplayer from England named Katie Beckett who was mentioned in both English and German presses for her Super Sailor Moon costume at Nemacon in Middlesbrough, England!

Image Credit: Yahoo! Image Credit: Zeit

Second, we have more Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon at Los Angeles’ Anime Expo!

Image Credit: Los Angeles Times Hero Complex

Thirdly… who remembers Michelle Phan? She is famous for her makeup tutorials on Youtube, and received a fair amount of press about her Sailor Moon tutorial in the Japanese press. She was part of a special launch event for “YouTube NextUp”, an initiative by the popular video sharing site to help young animators get their work noticed in Japan. YouTube NextUp has a global reach for the next generation of content creators. If an animator’s submission wins, they will be able to work with the leading animators in the anime industry in Japan (but, you have to hurry as submissions are due by July 18th). At the launch, she gave some encouraging words to anyone interested in entering, that they have effort and show passion for their craft in their video. It’s nice to see her talking about something other than makeup!

Breaking News: Sailor Moon Manga Coming to Germany

We’ve received confirmation that the Sailor Moon manga will be returning in Germany via EMA publishing in October 2011.

Releases will be once a month. The German version will be based on the Japanese 2003 edition, with the previous 18 volumes condensed into 12. Each book will sell for 6.50 € and include colour pages. Also included in EMA’s release will be the two volumes of short stories as well as the 2-volume prequel Sailor V.

Congratulations to fans in Germany!

Breaking News: Sailor Moon to Return in German Language Market!

Guten Morgen Deutscher Moonies! Ich habe einige guten Nachrichten fur sie! Germany’s FinanzenNachrichten reports that Munich’s licensing company M4e has acquired the rights for Sailor Moon! M4e will be managing free and pay TV broadcasting rights, home entertainment, and licensing and merchandising for the anime in the German speaking world, including Germany, Austria, and Switzerland! The press release also makes a note that after the successful relaunch of the franchise in Italy next year, it was only logical that the next steps include the Iberian market (Spain and Portugal), Scandinavian market, and the German market. The article also hints that they will be making use of the new style guide created in Italy!

Congratulations to our Moonies in Germany! You will be able to watch Sailor Moon soon!

Trivia: So Germany did something really interesting with their version of the release and commissioned a pop group to make the accompanying soundtrack which gave the series’ a technopop flavor. They were the Super Moonies, and fans can check out their first opening here!