Flashpoint DVD Boxset Out in Two Weeks, Brits!

As we reported earlier, Flashpoint is being released on DVD in the UK – and based on the details given on Amazon UK, we don’t think there are going to be any extras – at 520 minutes it looks like it’s going to be an episodes-only release. We really love the cover though – especially the slogan “Who’s got your back?” The slogan we usually see here in North America is “What would you do” in the CBS promos. To our readers in the UK – we would love to hear confirmation from you if there are any extras included on the DVD! Don’t hesitate to send us an email! Pending announcements from CTV and/or CBS about a DVD release in North America, we may purchase a copy in May (these days, being an Otaku almost forces you to have a region-free DVD player because Japanese releases come with more bang for your buck). Some of us on staff are still “old school” and like watching our tv shows on a tv screen rather than our computers or (in some cases) non-existent portable media devices. Alas, CTV seems to have posted the wrong episode description this week on their site. The episode this week will be Aisle 13, which tells the story of a teenage boy who is sad over his best friend moving far away, because of financial difficulties. So, he decides to rob a local food store to give their family some money so they can stay here, but it all goes awry and he takes several people hostage. And for those of you wondering what it’s like to write for Flashpoint, we found an old interview from almost a year ago!

Flashpoint Acquisitions!

Hey everyone: My laptop is very slowly coming back into being. Today if I get all my productivity software installed and running, i should be able to watch He Knows His Brother and get a summary up. We have more exciting news for all of our overseas readers in Britain and France! Britain’s ITV3 just picked up the show and all 13 episodes are slated to air on their fall schedule! Jay Kandola, Director of Acquisitions at ITV3 said “Flashpoint was really this year’s surprise summer hit on Network TV in the USA. The series already has made the unusual leap from Canadian TV to CBS in the states and now will find its perfect home in the U.K. when it arrives on ITV3.” We encourage all of our British fans to watch this show when it airs! Et pour vous en France – regardez Canal Plus! Flashpoint est une série à guetter prochainement sur Canal plus. I am not sure when it will start but my guess would be in the spring at the earliest since the series would likely need to be dubbed or subtitled for the French market (and that takes at least a few months to do). Congratulations (et Felicitations!) to Stephanie Morgenstern and Mark Ellis on Flashpoint‘s continued success around the world!

More Definite Proof Sailor Moon is NOT on the Air!

Case Closed!

We were sorting through emails a few hours ago, and it turns out we missed a very important one which arrived on Friday morning! In fact, if we had read this, we probably would have been spared our efforts later that evening – apologies to the England Correspondent who had to wake up very early on a Saturday! On Monday of last week, we emailed ITV, Toonattik, and whoever we could with questions about Sailor Moon, linking them to the video and asking if the show was on the air, if there was a contest (as claimed by the user on YouTube) for fans to make a commercial, and probably the dumbest question of all, if they would air if without having the rights – we had reminded them that there is a lockdown on Sailor Moon all over the world except for Japan. A fan suggested that perhaps if it was on the air it could have been aired illegally. We feel this letter is the ‘Smoking Gun’ which proves that the rumor was in fact a hoax.

Dear Viewer:

We regret to inform you that Sailor Moon is not currently on the Toonattik schedule, nor has it been on our schedule for the last month. It has not been on our schedule for many years. ITV does not hold the rights to air Sailor Moon, and we would not air it illegally. Our website is extremely secure and we can confirm we are not having any contest of any kind where viewers could make a commercial for an upcoming TV show.

ITV Viewer Relations

Please visit the official ITV website at www.itv.com
for the latest company news.

This email and any files transmitted are confidential and intended
solely for the use of the individual or entity to which they are
addressed. If you have received this email in error, please notify
********** at itv.com

Thank you.

There you have it, folks. The claims behind that YouTube video are false. In fact, if the ITV website was really hacked, we’re guessing that user would have been caught pretty quickly by the cops (or even Scotland Yard). There is no contest for fan-made commercials, and the show is not on the air anywhere in the world.

EDIT: Due to some fans disproving the authenticity of this email that we received, we have now added the official ITV signature that was sitting at the end of the email. It is against Moon Chase’s site policy to post an email address directly on this site other than our own. We do this because we wish to protect others from getting spam from our readers. While we understand that this email was meant for our eyes only (RE: ITV disclaimer) we asked questions that all the fans were asking and since they were answered we posted the message – it was intended for everyone questioning the show’s return.

Update (April 24th, 2008): It seems that GMTV has finally gotten the video pulled from YouTube, and we have a feeling it was probably because the user was using their logo to advertise a show that was not on their schedule, or because the user claimed to have hacked their site. Playing hoaxes doesn’t pay, hoaxer. We hope that this now closes the door on this rumor.

Definite Proof Sailor Moon is NOT on the Air!

We’d like to begin by thanking one of our friends (who asked not to be named) in England who took the time to give us a hand. This person over the phone told us what was airing and what wasn’t airing as it was happening. To recap: Sailor Moon was claimed to be airing at 7:05 on Sat.1 , a German channel. What we have learned since is that the show is not on the network at all (and there aren’t even any kids shows on that network). If the show was on Sat.1, we would expect to see the German version and not the English one. Some fans on the internet are still adamant that it’s on – and even on a completely different network. That network is ITV, and some claim that the show is on under it’s Toonattik block. Well, we checked that schedule, and didn’t find it there either. Without further ado…

The Results!

Our friend checked ITV first at 7:00 and found that Dora the Explorer was on the air – and swiftly ran through their guide to find the channel for Sat.1. Toonattik hadn’t even started yet, this was still ITV’s early childhood block Wakey Wakey. In fact, we even asked that they mute it because we didn’t want to suffer through any more of the theme song. Then our friend found Sat.1. and told us that what looked like a German version of Deal or No Deal, was coming to an end. After Deal or No Deal ended, our correspondent told is there was “Definitely not a cartoon on, and definitely not Sailor Moon“. What they did find airing on the channel was a show called Hallo Onkel Doc, which looked like it could have been some kind of family drama. The episode title that flashed on the bottom of the screen was Kindersegen. Since Toonattik starts in a bit, we are going to check that too. Stay tuned for updates!

Update: Toonattik began and Sailor Moon was not on. Iggy Arbuckle was on though! It is now 7:30 AM in Britain, but far too late in our timezone. Even Moon Chase needs sleep!

BREAKING NEWS: Sailor Moon is NOT on the air in Britain

Hey fans – last night through Genvid I had read of a new rumor concerning Sailor Moon on the air in Britain. Thankfully, I have a few friends in London and I was able to contact them and piece together this mystery. The rumor started on Sailor Moon Forum and began with a fan-made promotional video that had some fooled. Why would footage from the Japanese version of the show air on a commercial for a programming block aimed at English children? The graphics looked really cheap and the voices were terrible. Then the listing started to appear on a UK television listing. This is the most recent one, however it seems a previous listing has been taken down. We noticed while searching for the show that it aired on a channel called Sat 1 which was not listed anywhere on Virgin’s channel listings. One of our friends in Britain was asked about this channel, and got back to us within a matter of hours telling us Sat 1 is either referring to a German channel that is offered in some markets, or to Sky/ITV. We wandered around all over Sky’s listings and found absolutely nothing. Ditto on ITV. We even looked at Toonattik and cITV with no luck. Lo and behold, we found the German channel, and with our decent knowledge of German searched the listings and schedules, and found no mention of Sailor Moon anywhere either. Moreover, it does not appear that the show has ever aired on this channel in the past. If it were true, and it was on last Saturday, someone should have said something, and searches all over the internet through blogs and other forms yielded nothing. Our friends looked around some other TV listings and didn’t find any mention of the show either.So for now, we are going to say that this rumor is FALSE. Sailor Moon is not on the air anywhere in Europe, or anywhere else in the world outside Japan either. We are currently working to get official confirmation from all channels involved, but since there is no mention on any other official websites themselves, we are calling VirginMedia’s bluff.

EDIT: Thanks to an anonymous commenter’s German comments, we have learned that Sat.1 did carry Sailor Moon in the past, but is not carrying it at the moment.

Contrary to comments posted on Sailor Moon Forum, Sat.1 is NOT a block within the Toonattik block (nor does Toonattik broadcast during Sat.1). This has been confirmed by speaking with people who are in Britain (kudos to Gary for his help!) , as well as with ITV. We have verified again that Sat.1 is a German channel that can be watched in the UK as well.