Caption This #5: Not a Fanart Edition!

Mew Azama… our beloved PGSM Sailor Jupiter has done so much since her time on the show. She’s been in some commercials for Japanese mobile phone provider AU, she’s been on some variety shows, she had a role in Salariman Kintaro 5, and graduated from the Faculty of Lifelong Learning and Career Design at Hosei University with a Bachelor of Arts degree on March 24th (pictured)! Mew is also a weekend weather anchor on NTV’s Zoom in Saturday , a morning news and variety show. We came across a set of pictures from last Saturday’s show somewhere on the net, and two of them struck our eye. We didn’t quite understand why Mew is wearing what we think is a squirrel tail and ears in a cowboy hat? But it’s been too long since we’ve had a Caption This post – so here we go fans! Give us your best captions in the comments below!


Guy in Yellow Shirt: Mew, when did you get a tail?!
Mew: Latest fashion! Us CanCam models have to keep up with latest Akihabara trends!
Lady: Where do I get one? This top is so tacky!
Mew: And here is the winner of the Tokyo Dog Show!
Dog: I’m going to moonwalk onto the stage!
Guy in Yellow Shirt: Hmm… interesting….
Lady: Please hide my embarrassment off camera. That’s not even a real dog! What has this show become?

The Me:

Guy in Yellow Shirt: So, uh.. What’s with the tail?
Mew: It’s for community service with my local dog catcher. Puts them more at ease.
Lady: It’s certainly working on him…
Mew: Watch! Come here boy, good boy~
Dog: Not sure if want…
Guy in Yellow Shirt: *hypnotized* Yes Ms. Mew.. Whatever you say..
Lady: Why did I even bother today?.. I’m out of here.

*** Warning – No Pets or Ms. Mew were harmed in the making of this “Caption This” Segment ***

Caption This: Shigeru Miyamoto Edition!

And now, we present to you a special edition of Caption This! We read a story on Kotaku that gave us a good laugh. Nintendo has apparently forbidden Shigeru Miyamato (creator of many well loved Nintendo characters and Senior Managing Director of Nintendo) from talking about his interests. However the Times of London made some interesting connections from some hobbies he has admitted to and a few popular titles. Shigeru likes to exercise, and we have Wii Fit. He took up music lessons, and Wii Music was born. He loves puzzles, and Brain Age was created. So now, we open the floor to you guys! If you were Shigeru and you had a hobby, what game would reflect that?


Shigeru: “I like spending time with my wife!”
Nintendo: Wii Marriage! Create and spend time with your own virtual spouse!

Shigeru: “I like to take naps!”
Nintendo: Wii Sleep! Monitor your sleep patterns and work on making them more regular! Also comes with special Wii headband with electrode to analyze brain waves and monitor your sleep levels!

Caption This #4

Today’s crossover comes from loyal reader CyCyn who runs her own blog, Sailor Moon Obsession! When we heard of her fanart, we knew we just had to see it given our new layout! It seems our favorite superhero has given up her sailor style fuku for one fashioned after the Dark Knight himself.

EDIT: It seems Blogger has mysteriously made the image disappear?! Here it is!

Sailor Moon: This outfit makes me look way cooler standing on the roof! I wonder if the Kevlar can deflect Ki blasts from the Negaverse?

The Me

Sailor Moon: A new Dark Moon Clan will rise!

Caption This #3

This week’s bizarre fanart crossover comes from one of our favorite sites, Outpost Daria. We’re all fans of Daria here at Moon Chase, and this is one show that we really wish would be released on DVD – almost as much as Sailor Moon! This work, drawn by Katie Cook in 1999, features the Fashion Club (Quinn Morgendorffer, Sandi Griffin, Stacy Rowe, and Tiffany Blum-Deckler) in all their airheaded glory as the Dark Moon Circus from Sailor Moon R. Still, we shudder at the thought of a possibility of a real crossover between the two…

Stacy: These ruffles are like so 1957! I can’t wear this, I don’t know what I’m going to do with this!
Sandi: Perhaps you should have thought of that before you put that on.
Tiffany: (Slowly)Ruffles…are like so baaaaaad and –
Quinn: Guys, stop fighting. Remember, we are the face of evil so we have our own fashion!
Tiffany: Quinn, you’re a genius.
Sandi: (turns away with her nose in the air)

The Me:
Tiffany: (Slowly) Uuummmmm.. What’s with this whip? It’s soooo icky..
Stacy: I don’t know, but this skirt is too short! Everyone’s going to be staring at my butt..
Tiffany: Staaaacy.. That wooord…
Stacy: Sorry!
Sandi: At least your midriff is covered. Showing this much midriff is so last year.
Quinn: Guys, I think we have bigger problems.. We’re being portrayed as the bad guys again.
Sandi: Quinn.. What do you mean, AGAIN?
Quinn: (Looking nervous) Nothing, Sandi. Forget I said it.

Caption This #2

Here we are again with another questionable fanart! Today’s comes from a forums signature I noticed on forums I frequent. Though I love Sailor Moon and the Spice Girls equally, this is one crossover that makes me shudder.

Caption 1: (To the chorus of Wannabe)
We really wannabe your heroes,
We wanna trash bad guys!
Over and over forever,
Our power never dies!

Caption 2: Upon learning that anime is the hit thing right now with the younger generation, the Spice Girls reunite as cosplayers to further their message of “Girl Power”.