Yu Yu Hakusho to Get New Episode…

In Pictures with Voice!

Japanese Yu Yu Hakusho fans will be getting an extra bonus added onto the upcoming Blu-Ray release of the first season – a new episode! Well, sorta. Imagine still pictures with voices, and that’s what this new episode will be like (known as a “picture drama” in Japanese). The four main characters of the show, Nozomu Sasaki (Kurumiwario), Shigeru Chiba, Megumi Ogata (Sailor Uranus, Petz), and Nobuyuki Hiyama (Mercurius, Tsunawataro, Eda Yosaku) will return, along with others. We’re thinking it will be like the Flashimated manga episodes on Sailor Moon Channel, except in full color. The episode is said to be a brand new story that takes place right after the final episode. We look forward to seeing what this will be like, and we hope fans of YYH will be satisfied. As of this writing we can’t say for sure whether FUNImation will release this series on Blu-Ray with this episode, but we’ll have to see. The series will be released on October 27th, and will feature 32 episodes over 5 discs. The jackets will also feature new artwork from Togashi himself. Extras include a bonus disc with episodes of the OVA Eizō Hakusho: Ankoku Bujutsukai. For you tech buffs, the episodes will be featured in 4:3 with 1080p resolution in MPEG-4 AVC format with PCM sound. For more information on what all that stuff means, feel free to ask The Me. The boxart for the upcoming release is pictured above, and it will cost at ¥42,000 , which is approximately $435 USD. Yes, we’re having a heart attack too just looking at that price!

Each of the actors involved also had a few comments to say about this experience! Nozomu says he was happy to work with them all again and looks forward to getting a Blu-Ray player so he can watch all 50 hours of episodes together! Shigeru felt that nothing had changed in the ten years since they had recorded. Megumi is happy that the series is being released in better quality, and she is happy to work on it again. Nobuyuki is happy that the cast had a reunion after so many years.