A Few Changes Are Being Planned!

Hey Moonies: We staffers have decided to take advantage of this long weekend to make a few organizational changes to this newsblog. We actually get a lot of site feedback from people we know offline (yes, that means away from the computer and in the real world!) and one of them this week told us that it’s hard to find certain things on the website and that we would probably benefit from a site menu. We are going to work at that and hopefully get that up in a couple days. In light of this reorganization, some of the videos have shuffled on Veoh. Instead of having clips of various stars of any Japanese incarnation simply go on the Moon Chase Clips channel, we have renamed the VA channel to include the Japanese Stars as well. Now the Stephanie Beard clips are no longer lonely in that channel! The sidebars will still stay but the menu at the top will be there for convenience. We will also be adding a couple posts but we are going to back post them to the beginning of March. These posts will have things like links etc. on a separate “page” so you don’t have to sort through the pile of links on the sidebars. If any of you have suggestions for ways we could improve this site, or things that you would like to see , please don’t hesitate to contact us at Moonchasers@NOSPAMPLZKTHXMUCHgmail.com. We’re not scary beasts with claws and fangs!

As far as Veoh goes, we finally heard back from one of their management a few days ago. They solved the problem but it only lasted for one day – Friday morning the spam had returned and there was no way to get rid of it, yet again. The bots even broke through some videos that we had turned off the ability to post comments on.

OFF TOPIC: Speaking of Stephanie Beard we’ve noticed a lot of chatter on her official site as well as others wondering where she is. We have heard from her, and we’re asking fans to have some more patience, she is very busy in California with her entertainment career. If we could help her out more, we would in a heartbeat. Though there is a VA update planned for this week and we’re going to dig in our vault for some old Stephanie Beard articles for all of you who need a Sugar fix!

Malicious Comment on Veoh

To Our Readers:

A couple of hours ago, a user posted a link on one of our commercials that contained potentially harmful information and/or malware. Luckily, I caught it as soon as I could and disabled the comments for that particular commercial as Veoh’s interface was once again not allowing me to delete comments. We are currently looking for a new place to host our videos and we are going to be reuploading them over the holiday season. For now though please bear with Veoh, there really isn’t much else that we can do about it at this moment.

While we are doing our best to combat these spammers, we can’t catch them instantaneously. Unfortunately our staff members cannot be around a computer 24/7 to catch these things as soon as it happens. As I have mentioned before, our comments policy states that users don’t post links to their own sites when commenting on commercials. If you see a link on a comment on one of our commercials please let us know and we will get to it as soon as we can, but for your own safety please do not visit these sites as many may not likely be safe. We have done all we possibly could short of disabling comments for everyone, which is really unfair to the rest of you. We live in a Web 2.0 world and everyone has the right to interact in a safe environment. The Me and I have contacted Veoh about this several times about this problem and it seems that they are unwilling to do anything about it, so until we can find a new host and have the time to move all the videos over, the best we can do is tell you all to be careful.

Apologies for any inconveniences this may have caused,
Moon Chase! Staff.

Video Problems

Hey readers, Veoh recently changed their video length cap from ten minutes down to only five. As a result, some of the videos may not work properly. We’re working to find a solution. Since Veoh has had problems off and on, we’re asking that if any of our readers know of a stable video hosting site other than YouTube, Veoh or Google Video, that they send us an email at moonchasers@NOSPAMPLZKTHXgmail.com

Thanks for your patience yet again.

EDIT: Sailordees here everyone – the commercials and clips will also be on a hiatus as we are currently working on making a backup of everything this weekend. We’ve heard reports of fans not being able to watch anything on Veoh without downloading the Veoh TV client. The interface is terrible and it doesn’t use bandwidth efficiently, and it has problems with loading some videos as well. We don’t recommend getting it at all. Apologies to all our fans, we had no idea Veoh was going to turn out this bad.

More Housekeeping!

Thanks to all the fans who voted in our Forums Opinion Poll! Expect an announcement regarding that very soon!

Veoh Problems:

Some of our users have encountered problems playing videos on our channels on Veoh. We recommend rewinding the video if you do not see any picture at first. But rewind it after a few seconds have started to play and that usually solves the problem. If it doesn’t, then try upgrading your Flash Player. Chances are, if you can watch any other streaming video on the internet, then you probably just need a rewind. Or contact us at Moonchasers@NOSPAMPLZTHX.com and we will try to help you! I have added a Veoh tag to this post so users that are having troubles can click the tag and find this entry.

And there has been a lot of comment spam on our videos. We put them up for you to enjoy, not for people to make racist comments about Japan, advertise their sites, or troll. We have already had to suspend the comments on the Naruto commercial for this reason. We really like having this feature turned on for fans who do want to discuss our commercials (we appreciate each and every thank you we get – it inspires us to keep bringing you these oddities!) but if this continues to get worse, we may have to disable it. So please, don’t spam the video comments!