Caption This: Shigeru Miyamoto Edition!

And now, we present to you a special edition of Caption This! We read a story on Kotaku that gave us a good laugh. Nintendo has apparently forbidden Shigeru Miyamato (creator of many well loved Nintendo characters and Senior Managing Director of Nintendo) from talking about his interests. However the Times of London made some interesting connections from some hobbies he has admitted to and a few popular titles. Shigeru likes to exercise, and we have Wii Fit. He took up music lessons, and Wii Music was born. He loves puzzles, and Brain Age was created. So now, we open the floor to you guys! If you were Shigeru and you had a hobby, what game would reflect that?


Shigeru: “I like spending time with my wife!”
Nintendo: Wii Marriage! Create and spend time with your own virtual spouse!

Shigeru: “I like to take naps!”
Nintendo: Wii Sleep! Monitor your sleep patterns and work on making them more regular! Also comes with special Wii headband with electrode to analyze brain waves and monitor your sleep levels!

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