Caption This #5: Not a Fanart Edition!

Mew Azama… our beloved PGSM Sailor Jupiter has done so much since her time on the show. She’s been in some commercials for Japanese mobile phone provider AU, she’s been on some variety shows, she had a role in Salariman Kintaro 5, and graduated from the Faculty of Lifelong Learning and Career Design at Hosei University with a Bachelor of Arts degree on March 24th (pictured)! Mew is also a weekend weather anchor on NTV’s Zoom in Saturday , a morning news and variety show. We came across a set of pictures from last Saturday’s show somewhere on the net, and two of them struck our eye. We didn’t quite understand why Mew is wearing what we think is a squirrel tail and ears in a cowboy hat? But it’s been too long since we’ve had a Caption This post – so here we go fans! Give us your best captions in the comments below!


Guy in Yellow Shirt: Mew, when did you get a tail?!
Mew: Latest fashion! Us CanCam models have to keep up with latest Akihabara trends!
Lady: Where do I get one? This top is so tacky!
Mew: And here is the winner of the Tokyo Dog Show!
Dog: I’m going to moonwalk onto the stage!
Guy in Yellow Shirt: Hmm… interesting….
Lady: Please hide my embarrassment off camera. That’s not even a real dog! What has this show become?

The Me:

Guy in Yellow Shirt: So, uh.. What’s with the tail?
Mew: It’s for community service with my local dog catcher. Puts them more at ease.
Lady: It’s certainly working on him…
Mew: Watch! Come here boy, good boy~
Dog: Not sure if want…
Guy in Yellow Shirt: *hypnotized* Yes Ms. Mew.. Whatever you say..
Lady: Why did I even bother today?.. I’m out of here.

*** Warning – No Pets or Ms. Mew were harmed in the making of this “Caption This” Segment ***

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