Caption This #4

Today’s crossover comes from loyal reader CyCyn who runs her own blog, Sailor Moon Obsession! When we heard of her fanart, we knew we just had to see it given our new layout! It seems our favorite superhero has given up her sailor style fuku for one fashioned after the Dark Knight himself.

EDIT: It seems Blogger has mysteriously made the image disappear?! Here it is!

Sailor Moon: This outfit makes me look way cooler standing on the roof! I wonder if the Kevlar can deflect Ki blasts from the Negaverse?

The Me

Sailor Moon: A new Dark Moon Clan will rise!

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  1. ~CyCyN~ Says:

    Can I caption my own image??? XB

    Batmoon watches ove the seemingly calm Tokyo night thinking to herself “How do I get off this roof??”

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