Caption This #2

Here we are again with another questionable fanart! Today’s comes from a forums signature I noticed on forums I frequent. Though I love Sailor Moon and the Spice Girls equally, this is one crossover that makes me shudder.

Caption 1: (To the chorus of Wannabe)
We really wannabe your heroes,
We wanna trash bad guys!
Over and over forever,
Our power never dies!

Caption 2: Upon learning that anime is the hit thing right now with the younger generation, the Spice Girls reunite as cosplayers to further their message of “Girl Power”.

3 Responses to “Caption This #2”

  1. Blaed Says:

    Wow, searching for any news on Sailor Moon leads me here, and I find my signature for DenDen is being shared more then I thought. lol Well spotted I guess…


  2. Watcherprime Says:

    The Spice Girls new act… After failing horribly in music, television, movies, touring, dog shows, catering…

  3. sailordees Says:

    I do have to say that it was an ingenious idea Blaed – I remember back in the day lots of people were comparing Baby Spice to Usagi . She had meatballs/odangoes too way back then. Just… the thought of the girls as senshi sort of freaks me out a little :p

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