Caption This #1

Hello Everyone! There is a VA article in the works but something or other keeps coming up and I never get around to working on it for as long as I would like to. I did get asked recently if I have abandoned this site, and the answer to that is NO! I would never abandon this place – it means a lot to me and the other staff members and of course we know lots of you like to come read what’s going on here!

So, I’m going to introduce a new feature! Sometimes, we come across fanart that makes us really wonder what the artists were thinking when they created it. So, courtesy of The Me, he is responsible for this inaugural entry! He found this very weird crossover between Disney Princesses and Sailor Moon on an image board a few days ago. We can’t even tell who the leader of the pack is! We open up our comments to you, go ahead and caption this!

2 Responses to “Caption This #1”

  1. Watcherprime Says:

    “Coming to Toon Disney, our latest knock off of a legendary anime series! The Princess Troop, weekdays at 5.”

  2. Amyranth Says:

    Just in case you were unaware, that drawing was done by the incredible Sadwonderland on Deviant Art. I’ve been following her works for a while and she’s definitely one to watch!


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