BREAKING NEWS: Yoshihiro Togashi Predictably Returns For Ten Weeks Only; Naoko Inspires Shokotan!

Sad news, Hunter X Hunter fans. Oricon via Yahoo reports that the manga will only return for a 10 week run in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. This time it reappeared after disappearing for approximately 5 months. We’re sad to read this news, but at the same time not entirely surprised. It’s a little odd when you try to think of reasons why a manga that was started ten years ago still isn’t finished, and only has 26 volumes released. We are also a little worried what will happen to Yoshihiro after this series is finished, and fear he may “disappear” just like Naoko has. A writer for Techinsight begs Yoshihiro in this article to finish the manga, as he finds the current storyline a little too inflated, after writing a “3-minute guide” to HXH. He also writes (and we have not been able to confirm this) that Yoshihiro has participated in online gaming. Hmm, we wonder if that’s what kept him from working on manga! As always, we feel your pain HXH fans and we wish we had better news to give you.

And we caught quick mention of Naoko Takeuchi in another article this week too! Turns out that Shoko “Shokotan” Nakagawa recently held an art exhibition of her own work. Lately, Shoko has added yet another facet to her idol career, by becoming an aspiring mangaka. And she reveals her art was partly inspired by the work of Naoko. Shoko has made no secret of her love for Sailor Moon, she imitates the poses of the Senshi in public, and frequently cosplays as Senshi and posts some of the pictures on her blog. The exhibition ran until September 11th at the Marunochi Building in Tokyo.

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