BREAKING NEWS: What’s Happening With Flashpoint?

Hey Moonies – I have watched yesterday’s episode but I won’t be able to blog it till later tomorrow. At the end though, I noticed something a little peculiar. CBS has announced that next week’s episode will be the season finale. 13 episodes were shot this season, and it looks like the last four will not air as of this writing. We don’t know what is up with CTV at this moment. We have a feeling this is because of new shows premiering on the network next week, but this leaves us all wondering when the last four will air. It doesn’t make sense to us that the network would be rejecting the show in it’s entirety, from what we read the show helped CBS win the ratings handsomely last night. And readers, we did not forget about Fox’s abyssmal Hole in the Wall. We will be posting our full opinion on that mess later this weekend.

As always, once we find out what will happen with the show we will let you know. We have a feeling that the episodes whether they air or not will be released on iTunes along with the others already there. On the bright side, we learned that one of the creators of Flashpoint, Stephanie Morgenstern (Sailor Venus #1) has been coined a “creatrix” by one blogger, who spotted her at this year’s CFC Barbecue! This is a super elite event held by the Canadian Film Centre , and invitees are big players in the industry, from actors, to producers, and everyone in between. We are so proud of all of her achievements since her VA days and in a way we also feel that Sailor Venus has achieved her dream of being an idol and schmoozing with the best people in the industry through Stephanie’s work (bizarre how the actor and the character are intertwined!).

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