BREAKING NEWS: Togashi’s Hunter X Hunter to Return in January 2010!

Just hours ago, a Chinese comic site broke that Yoshihiro Togashi’s Hunter X Hunter is going to return in January of 2010. In the combined 5th and 6th issues (to be on newsstands January 4th) the manga will return, and perhaps with some kind of an announcement as well. As of this writing, we’re not sure how long it will return for (but given his patterns of the past, it should at the very least be around 10 weeks). This comes after months of ridicule by executives at Shueisha, other mangaka, and of course, the fans who are becoming very tired of this on-again, off-again farce. The other irony is, tomorrow there was an article set to be posted here on the subject of tabloid mockery of Yoshihiro. We have since shifted that order so that readers can read that before this announcement. This article also alludes to many of the same editorial decisions about printing bad drafts, and also makes a mean joke about Naoko Takeuchi (something about Togashi having to stand up from failure to make Naoko happy). The writer of the article looks forward to seeing the new chapters , but shares much of the fans’ frustration as well. He hopes that Togashi will choose to finish the manga instead of keeping fans waiting. While we don’t know if he will end the series this time around, we will continue to keep you posted on this goose chase.

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