BREAKING NEWS: Stephanie "Sugar" Lyn Beard Returns!

Wow, we can’t remember the last time this many breaking news stories with those involved with Sailor Moon broke out so close to each other – this is the first time of what we hope will be many! Late last night, fan favorite Stephanie Beard (Rini #2) posted a video entry after an eternity on her forum. For those fans who were worried, she did make it to LA and she is doing great! She confirmed what we told you earlier about her associate producer credit and how she hopes that her dream of being in a Disney cartoon will come true soon. Her producer Craig shot the video and they are working on some tunes that we will be hearing soon, she says. Sugar tempted us by saying the cartoon scene was starting to pop up but not a hint of where we’d be hearing her next – leaving us all in suspense! She told fans to go visit her MySpace which she can update a lot more frequently and thanked her fans for their patience. Stephanie, it’s good to see you are back and thriving in LA and we wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. Now we are going to crash your browser by embedding yet another video on this page – but we will spare you the pain when we link you to some older “Sugar Memories” from Kevin Hill and The Red Green Show!

A Quick Addenda : we noticed a fan posted a comment about Geneon being interested in pursuing the rights. Fans should take this with a grain of salt, as this has not been confirmed (we still haven’t heard back from them). When the time is right for a campaign you will be the first to know how and where you can help!

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