BREAKING NEWS: Stephanie Morgenstern Completes New Pilot!

For all our readers, we’ve dug up some very exciting Breaking News this weekend. A while ago we told you that Stephanie Morgenstern (Sailor Venus #1) was going to play the wife of the main character in Ice Planet – which we haven’t heard too much news about lately, other than it has started to shoot (some preliminary animation is currently underway), a channel in Germany has picked it up, and some CG work has started. This will not be her only TV production, we have learned. Stephanie and her husband Mark Ellis got a green light from CTV earlier this year to film a pilot for Critical Incident. Critical Incident is an action drama that goes behind the scenes of Toronto’s SWAT team (or rather Emergency Task Force). The pilot just completed filming in Toronto’s Commerce Court business district July 25th, and will be handed to executives this Fall in the hopes that it will be picked up for the 2008 Fall Season. From what we have read, Stephanie will not be appearing in this series but will be writing for it with her husband. The cast of the pilot includes some major TV stars such as Enrico Colantoni of Veronica Mars, and Ona Grauer of the Canadian hit Intelligence. Congratulations and we wish Stephanie and the rest of her crew the best of luck with this show!

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