BREAKING NEWS: Sony Announces Anime on the PlayStation Store…

Toei Pictured, But Not FUNImation ?!

Sony held their keynote presentation today at E3, and Kazuo Hirai, Sony Computer Entertainment America’s Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer made a great announcement about the PlayStation Store. Starting today Anime, along with other TV shows, is now available! We have provided a screenshot from this special announcement. We were happy to see that Toei was included, but we were a little worried because while we saw other anime companies like Manga Entertainment, ADV’s the Anime Network, and Nozomi Entertainment, we noticed two very big names were missing: FUNImation, and Bandai. We wondered why this was. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be on the Canadian PlayStation Store yet, but it is on the US version! We later found a press release with more highlights. This is an amazing opportunity since most video gamers are anime fans, and this is a big help in really making the PS3 and PSP the only consoles you’ll ever really need (of course, we still like the Nintendo Wii and DS- there are some titles that are irresistible). We applaud the companies who worked with Sony in making this happen – this is a great new way to distribute anime and is hopefully a step in the right direction to change the anime industry in North America. To access this part of the store, hit the X-button on the filmstrip icon, and select Anime. The full presentation is up at

The other standouts? The itty-bitty PSP Go, Final Fantasy XIII and XIV, The Last Guardian, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, and of course, that nifty motion-sensing controller that is still in development. Just think, what if there was a Sailor Moon game and that was your wand? We could all be like our favorite superhero!

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