Breaking News: Shoko Nakagawa Appointed As Guest Commentator!

For a World Cosplay Summit No Less!

Just 7 hours ago, this story broke in Japan. Shoko Nakagawa has been chosen as a Guest Commentator for the World Cosplay Summit! For those who aren’t aware, the World Cosplay Summit is the creme de la creme of all cosplay competitions. Top cosplayers from all over the world converge in Japan for this event which includes not only a competition, but a large parade and mixer events. We think there is probably a chance to see some sights in Tokyo too. Shoko is very excited about this opportunity, and even posed as Sailor Moon when the announcement was made (pictured above). She looks forward to seeing all of these cosplayers from all over the world and she wants to cosplay as none other than Sailor Moon at this event! And in more Toru Furuya (Tuxedo Kamen) news, we have also learned that he too will be a guest commentator at the summit. It would be great if he could dress up as Tuxedo Kamen and the two of them could do some sort of cosplay skit at the summit – and then of course post it to the web so we could all see! Tangents aside, Congratulations Shoko and Toru!

EDIT: We found a few more pictures and stories about the event here and here!

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