BREAKING NEWS: Second Manga Printing on the Way from Kodansha USA!

According to Kodansha USA’s official Facebook Page for Sailor Moon, a second printing has been ordered for Sailor Moon Volume 1! Far exceeding everyone’s expectations, it looks like all 50,000 copies of the manga sold out! There are 100,000 more on the way, so you Moonies who haven’t had the chance to purchase the manga yet will get a chance to soon! And when you are all on Facebook tonight, make sure you Like the Official Sailor Moon Manga page!

Keep your eyes peeled on iTunes tonight for a new app from Kodansha USA! While Toei Animation has embraced mobile technologies for Sailor Moon in Japan, the manga still remains out of print in Japan (and is unavailable digitally from Kodansha). We can’t say for sure whether Sailor Moon will be included in the future, but we encourage the fans to check out the other great titles from Kodansha USA in the meantime!

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