BREAKING NEWS: Sailor Stars to be Offered for Free in Japan On Demand!

Many news outlets are buzzing this morning about two new services being offered by Japanese cable giant, NTT. NTT is launching two new services, AnimeJan (for boys) and another service under HikariTV for girls. Both of these services will feature anime from Toei’s AniBB service. Beginning September 1st, both services will have a free preview of entire seasons of series, and included among them is Sailor Stars. We’re not quite sure why they chose the last season over the first one, but nonetheless, we are excited about this news! We can’t tell how long this preview is going to last but we think it will be around a month long. As part of HikariTV, series such as Ojomajo Doremi, Gegege no Kitaro, and Digimon will be included. As part of AnimeJan, their preview will include Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Saint Seiya, and Kinnikuman.

Sankei MSN posted a nice article about Sailor Moon‘s resurrection on Japanese TV. They made special mention of how the show helped to launch Kotono Mitsuishi’s seiyuu career, and they also published a new quote we hadn’t seen before. She had nightmares about how she would perform, especially since she would have to dub a scene in that very dark room without the other actors around, like Keiko Han (Luna, Queen Beryl) and Toru Furuya (Tuxedo Kamen). It was hard for her to know how to act without having them (or their performances) around, and she was afraid she would embarrass herself!

And ToFu-Sama is also in the news! Toru Furuya has just released an autobiography called A Hero’s Voice in Japan, and it features his reflections on his voice acting career. He has played many heroes, such as Tuxedo Kamen, Ray Amuro, Pegasus Seiya, and Yamcha. Reviews of the book are generally good, and for those of you who can read Japanese, this is a must have! One comment we read says it is a must read for anyone looking to become a seiyuu, and another one said that he liked to read the over 10 pages devoted to Ray Amuro. Probably the easiest place for readers to order it will be through Amazon.

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  1. Sailor Mini Moon Says:

    Thats great,the only thing I like that's on my comcast on demand is Winx Club(very simalar to sailor moon in many ways.), and powerpuff girls. Oh awsome news I now have "Sailor Moon another story" on my psp, I also have sailor moon 1 and sailor moon r that was for gb on my psp too. I already beat sailor moon super S playstation game.

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