BREAKING NEWS: Sailor Starlight To Appear At Animazement This May!

For those of our readers planning to head to Animazement from May 28-30th, you’re in for a treat! Chika Sakamoto (Sailor Star Healer/Yaten Kou) will be appearing at the convention. Apart from roles as Nuriko in Fushigi Yuugi, Kentaro Ichinose in Maison Ikkoku, and even dubbing the voices of Angelica and Chuckie in the Japanese version of Rugrats, she can also be heard in the upcoming Pretty Cure series, Heartcatch PreCure, playing Kaoruko Hanasaki. Kaoruko is the grandmother of Tsubomi Hanasaki, better known to fans as Cure Blossom! As far as we know, she is the only star confirmed to be attending a North American anime convention this year, and this is turning out to be a very special year for Sailor Moon given the international revival.

4 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Sailor Starlight To Appear At Animazement This May!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    you mean the voice actress for Sailor Star Healer not star fighter

  2. ShinraiTenchi Says:

    I believe she played Sailor Star Healer :3 That's exciting though! 😀

  3. Sailor Music Says:

    Umm…. I'm pretty sure Seiya was Sailor Star Fighter. Not Yaten. He/She/It was Sailor Star Healer.

  4. sailordees Says:

    Sorry Guys! Hard to keep all the actors straight in my head!

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