BREAKING NEWS: Sailor Moon to Return to Japanese Airwaves!

Mitsuishi Kotono Makes Announcement!

Not too long ago, we told you about a marathon ANIMAX was holding to revive people’s spirits towards anime in Japan. Breaking not too long ago, was a very important programming announcement out of Japan: Kotono Mitsuishi (Sailor Moon) made a special appearance yesterday in Tokyo at a press conference to announce that ANIMAX will be airing the series from Monday to Friday at 4 O’Clock , starting in September! The Toei Channel will also re-air the series. The article hailed Sailor Moon as an icon of the 90s, being a hit not only with girls but with adults too!

Kotono also said how grateful she was to have played Sailor Moon, as it was her first serious starring role! She also says that her daughter is a fan of the show, just like she is, and smiled! She also shared a story: She had a nightmare the night before her audition for the role, thinking that her mic would be taken away before she got the chance to finish. She was overjoyed to have gotten this role.

This happy news brings us tears of joy. We don’t know what prompted this, but we are so glad that whatever it is, did! Sailor Moon’s long overdue comeback has begun!

ありがとう, 武内直子 ^_^

EDIT: Despite my best efforts, I am very surprised to see that Toei and Animax do not have any stories about this on their sites! Eiga was one of the first sites to report it yesterday, and there is an image of our beloved superheroine included in the release. Moreover, Naoko and PNP are credited!

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  1. Senshi_chan Says:

    These updates keep getting better & better!!

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  3. esahC Says:

    WOO-HOO! We knew there was a market for this!

  4. V-V-rae Says:

    I think my heart just exploded.

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