BREAKING NEWS: Sailor Moon to Return in Italy?

There are rumors of a return of Sailor Moon in Italy. These rumors are entirely unconfirmed and we have little reason to believe they are 100% true. Still, some facts are promising when comparing these to previous rumors, including listing a higher-up at the supposed network as a source. On the italian forum AnimeFun, we found the original post, however to find the quote sites everywhere are posting we had to look elsewhere. We have confirmed that Fabrizio Margaria, the source that is being quoted, does in fact, work for Mediaset Italy.

Dopo lungo lavoro di convincimento, hanno sbloccato i diritti quindi confermo che dal 2010 l’intera serie sarà di nuovo in onda.

Translation: After a lot of work convincing, they have unblocked the rights. Therefore I confirm in 2010, there will be a new wave of the entire series.

We’re not sure what this “New Wave” means. If the series returns, will it be a re-dub? Or everything that aired in the past will air again in a new showing? This is a very exciting time to be a Sailor Moon fan… in Italy at least. Last we heard FUNImation was still having issues with the creator (at Otakon). At least one site is reporting this news with anticipation!

We are keeping our eyes on this situation. Our readers in Italy – please send us an email at if you hear anything new!

4 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Sailor Moon to Return in Italy?”

  1. Sailor Mini Moon Says:

    OMG that's amazing news! Maybe toei is starting to realize what an icon they have rights to. I say it bodes well for us too cause if they'll let it come back there. Then maybe they'll let it come back in America too.

  2. Nichole Says:

    As much as I love Sailor Moon I'm hoping for an all out re-make. the later S and SuperS series was terrible and poorly done.

    I hope they are considering doing a full remake that sticks strictly to the manga, like what happened with Helsing Ultimate.

    ~Sailor Cancer

  3. Sasumiofjp Says:

    i really hope funimation re dubbs it because it was awful and if your going to re do it do alllllll episodes cloverway or pionner or dic whatever edited out some episodes for stupid reasons and leave the knji and all other stuff in america ian't stupid we know there in japan and NOT america an dplease give the shrine its real name which is hikawa shrine not cherry hill and there school is called juban not cross way or whatever they called it okay jesus

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Actually "Di nuovo in onda" doesn't mean "a new wave" but, "on air/broadcasted again".

    You can trust me on this, I'm Italian ^^

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