Breaking News: Sailor Moon to Return in German Language Market!

Guten Morgen Deutscher Moonies! Ich habe einige guten Nachrichten fur sie! Germany’s FinanzenNachrichten reports that Munich’s licensing company M4e has acquired the rights for Sailor Moon! M4e will be managing free and pay TV broadcasting rights, home entertainment, and licensing and merchandising for the anime in the German speaking world, including Germany, Austria, and Switzerland! The press release also makes a note that after the successful relaunch of the franchise in Italy next year, it was only logical that the next steps include the Iberian market (Spain and Portugal), Scandinavian market, and the German market. The article also hints that they will be making use of the new style guide created in Italy!

Congratulations to our Moonies in Germany! You will be able to watch Sailor Moon soon!

Trivia: So Germany did something really interesting with their version of the release and commissioned a pop group to make the accompanying soundtrack which gave the series’ a technopop flavor. They were the Super Moonies, and fans can check out their first opening here!

7 Responses to “Breaking News: Sailor Moon to Return in German Language Market!”

  1. xXPrettyNekoXx Says:

    That's it!! I'm moving out of the USA!!!

  2. Chris Says:

    Anytime now, the USA and Canada could be next…

  3. SailorCardKnight Says:

    This is AWSOME news!!! 8D

    Even though I don't understand a lick of German, I loved the German Sailor Moon music, heck I have almost every song by the Super Moonies on my comp! I hope this means that they will put out new music! (Me and my love for European techno.)

    I'm sad theres still no news of a license for the US/Canada/rest of the English speaking market, yet.

  4. Suite Says:

    GRRRR. I'm glad these places are all getting Sailor Moon, but why can't we has it toooooooooooo? America demands Sailor Moon!

  5. TsukinoUsagi Says:

    Like, I will from now on write about Sailor Moon in Germany. If you need translation help, please ask me!

  6. homeslice Says:

    Even though there isn't any news about an English release, the fact that it's spreading to other countries is VERY good news.

    If the success keeps going, it's only a matter of time before it comes over stateside. But chances are it'll be broadcast as a new version of the Cloverway stuff. I hated the DiC dub, but the Cloverway one was okay.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I like the music in DiC dubbed and the Cloverway was ok but I hope they us the DiC music and keep sailor moon uncut with all 200 episodes. I hope we get sailor moon soon please let us be next please!

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