BREAKING NEWS: Sailor Moon Returns Remastered in Italy!

Sailor Moon premiered on Italy’s Hiro just a few hours ago, to the delight of many Italian fans! And, they were sure in for a treat – instead of just having key scenes re-edited with the old video footage, the old Italian audio track was mixed overtop of the remastered episode. CosmoChann was nice enough to upload the opening, and we have to say that we were so impressed! There was only one flaw though – Backstage went through all this trouble to create a new branding image for Sailor Moon with a much nicer logo, and for the opening they went back to the old goldenrod text. It still looks just as boring and lame as it was back when it first aired – why wasn’t the new logo used at all? The other big change seen in this episode was that the episode title’s background was reverted back to the original background used in the Japanese version. The episode previews were not included – but this is no surprise since they were never dubbed in Italian to begin with. CosmoChann also uploaded a Sailor Moon commercial from Hiro as well – go visit his site CureMoon, for all your magical girl anime needs in Italian! Special thanks to roving Italian bambino Light for all his speedy information!

Congratulations to the Moonies in Italy who are finally getting the chance to enjoy this after what seemed to be an eternity! Hopefully in North America we can one day experience this happy feeling you guys felt when you saw it on TV today.

6 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Sailor Moon Returns Remastered in Italy!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Uh… judging from the opening.. the masters are the same from the original TV broadcast. It doesn't look like the R2 masters at all.

  2. Moon Chase Says:

    It's a camera rip so it looks a little parched – this is what the users have told me (we have no way of watching Italian TV from here).

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Actually, I found out the opening ISN'T remastered — however, the actual episode uses the R2 video!

    The downside is, the episodes aren't exactly "uncut". The eyecatchers, and next episode previews are missing.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I really hope the U.S. gets the redub… Just write to Cartoon Network and all other related parties and we might get it.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Here are some scenes that have been restored so far: … re=channel

    For the second clip they actually had actors dub in the missing lines. Hoorah!

  6. sailordees Says:

    Cool – thanks for sharing! That's neat that they at least allowed the actors to do some minor re-dubbing work. Do you think they sound just the same now as they did back then?

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