Breaking News: Sailor Moon Reflections Book To Be Available Worldwide

As we discovered at Unplugged Expo 2, Roland Parliament has been writing a book covering a behind the scenes look of the English language version of Sailor Moon. Roland has finished writing the book, entitled Sailor Moon Reflections, it has been edited, and it is currently with his publisher. According to Roland, a proof of the book “will be available near or at the end of the month. Then any revisions will be made, and hopefully it will soon be forwarded to the print queue .”

More Details About Sailor Moon Reflections:

  • Approximately 21 chapters (there may be some editing)
  • Includes quotes from the five major “Sailor Scouts”
  • Includes 38 photos taken during the recordings
  • will be available in hardcover, soft cover, and e-reader editions
  • Will be sold at Amazon and other outlets (it will be available worldwide)
  • Roland also plans to make an audiobook version for the visually impaired
  • Retail price is yet to be determined

Fans can pre-order the book by filling in an order form and sending a $10 cheque (as a deposit) made payable to Roland Parliament. Pre-ordering guarantees you will be among the first to receive the book when it is published.

The ISBN numbers are:

  • Hard Cover: 978-1-4602-4163-9
  • Soft Cover: 978-1-4602-4164-6
  • E-book: 978-1-4602-4165-3

The book is still in production, so it may take some time for it to be available in stores.


Roland was quite happy to hear that fans are interested in his book and had this message for you:

I can’t tell you how much I, and the other Sailor Moon voice actors appreciate your loyalty, dedication and love. We are nothing without you. We owe you for our success.

He also said that he hopes the book will do well and may lead to “other books that will explain even further the route to success in the voice industry.”

If you would like to pre-order Sailor Moon Reflections, here is the Pre-Order Form. You will need to send the form and your deposit to the mailing address on the form to complete your pre-order.

If you have any other questions about the upcoming book, please let us know and we will definitely work on getting the answers for you.

Update: new file for the pre-order form. I designed a PDF version with Roland’s permission. You can type in the fields and save before your print it to mail.

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