BREAKING NEWS: Sailor Moon Not Acquired by FUNImation (Yet).

Hey Moonies! So, today FUNImation unloaded the last of its acquisitions for early 2010, and Sailor Moon was not on the list. Fans who want to check out what was acquired, can click the following: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5. We knew that the show wasn’t going to be a part of this list in late December, but out of fairness to FUNImation we couldn’t say anything until after they had the chance to make their announcements. We learned this from a very reliable source (who was not involved in any way with FUNImation). We can’t name our source for privacy reasons (so please, don’t ask us). We have every reason to believe that FUNImation is not going to give up on this series, and will continue to try to get the rights. There was some positive news coming out of another series which FUNImation announced earlier this week – FLCL. FUNImation has decided to keep the old dub, and they are releasing the series on Blu-Ray. Japan doesn’t even have this series on Blu-Ray yet (as far as we can tell)! However, FLCL is NOT a Toei property, and everything is dependent on how Toei would want to handle how the series is released in North America.

It is unfortunate that Sailor Moon was not included, but we’re going to wait until the end of February at the latest to decide where the campaign will go to bring the series back. We are waiting until then because the end of February marks close to four months that they have had the results of the surveys of Operation Moonrise, and we have a feeling that FUNImation will try again between now and then. We have a few ideas for upcoming campaigns, but right now it’s a wait-and-see what happens situation. Fans, please don’t get disheartened with this – there will be more announcements from FUNImation later on (so don’t assume this is all that they have for the entire year)! Please continue to send your letters to Toei – right now this is the best thing we can suggest for any fan to do (as FUNImation is well aware of how much everyone wants this series). We also suggest putting an emphasis on the last season, Sailor Stars. Tell them how much you really want to see how the story ends in English (on a legitimate release)! Fans can click here for more details, and find the address and other additional details posted on our forums. It’s a New Year Moonies, and we have to keep up our fighting spirit!

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  1. esahC Says:

    We'll see guys, we'll see.

    Hooray for FLCL though. Can't wait to pick that up.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I actually posted a comment on the last report about SM possibly getting re-dubbed by FUNi. And once again, SM NEEDS this re-dub. DiC butchered the series with its edits and Cloverway had the worst dub I've ever heard in my life. The entire series in English is a mess. Not to mention, Stars never even happened. This show deserves better and FUNi re-dubbing the series would be a blessing to the fans. DiC did have an amazing dub though and if they could I would love if they got some of the VA's to come back, especially Terri Hawkes (Serena/Usagi), even though I 100% doubt it will happen. FUNi does have amazing in house VA's though so they won't disappoint either way. I still have hope that FUNi can acquire and re-dub Sailor Moon.

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