Breaking News: Sailor Moon Manga Returns to Italy!

GP Publishing will be releasing a new edition of the Sailor Moon manga series. Italian fans will be pleased to hear that Italy will be the first European country to see the manga return. GP Publishing was chosen to work with Kodansha to release this new edition that GP Publishing describes as “long awaited by fans.” GP Publishing stated that it will “highlight the full attention to detail that the author has infused into the pages.”

To be released in the second half of 2010, possibly as early as November, the Sailor Moon manga will be released in two editions: an edition for newspaper stands and a deluxe comic. The deluxe comic is described as “completely faithful to the most recent edition of the Japanese original” and is “revised and corrected by the author herself, Naoko Takeuchi.” The manga will also include new translations and new lettering. The deluxe edition is said to have a colour dust jacket (with the cover art being the same as the Japanese reissue), better quality paper, and will even include some colour pages. It seems that it will have the same number of volumes as the latest Japanese edition, which is 12 regular volumes, 2 volumes of extra short stories, and 2 volumes of Sailor V. Sound effects will remain in Japanese with an asterisk beside and a translation noted elsewhere.

Special thanks to Nintendo Fever for the tip!

3 Responses to “Breaking News: Sailor Moon Manga Returns to Italy!”

  1. TheMisanthrope Says:

    Alright America… where's the stuff?????

    Gotta brush up on my Italian for my MA degree anyway… heh…

  2. Lichy Says:

    oh, wooow!!! Does this really mean that…the comeback of SM has begun? 😀
    and I have to go to Italy now to buy these 😛

  3. Brit-chan Says:

    oooh now i wish i were born in Italy so I could experience the revival sooner! This is such exciting news! It makes me so hopeful for N. America!

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