BREAKING NEWS: Sailor Moon is NOT on the air in Britain

Hey fans – last night through Genvid I had read of a new rumor concerning Sailor Moon on the air in Britain. Thankfully, I have a few friends in London and I was able to contact them and piece together this mystery. The rumor started on Sailor Moon Forum and began with a fan-made promotional video that had some fooled. Why would footage from the Japanese version of the show air on a commercial for a programming block aimed at English children? The graphics looked really cheap and the voices were terrible. Then the listing started to appear on a UK television listing. This is the most recent one, however it seems a previous listing has been taken down. We noticed while searching for the show that it aired on a channel called Sat 1 which was not listed anywhere on Virgin’s channel listings. One of our friends in Britain was asked about this channel, and got back to us within a matter of hours telling us Sat 1 is either referring to a German channel that is offered in some markets, or to Sky/ITV. We wandered around all over Sky’s listings and found absolutely nothing. Ditto on ITV. We even looked at Toonattik and cITV with no luck. Lo and behold, we found the German channel, and with our decent knowledge of German searched the listings and schedules, and found no mention of Sailor Moon anywhere either. Moreover, it does not appear that the show has ever aired on this channel in the past. If it were true, and it was on last Saturday, someone should have said something, and searches all over the internet through blogs and other forms yielded nothing. Our friends looked around some other TV listings and didn’t find any mention of the show either.So for now, we are going to say that this rumor is FALSE. Sailor Moon is not on the air anywhere in Europe, or anywhere else in the world outside Japan either. We are currently working to get official confirmation from all channels involved, but since there is no mention on any other official websites themselves, we are calling VirginMedia’s bluff.

EDIT: Thanks to an anonymous commenter’s German comments, we have learned that Sat.1 did carry Sailor Moon in the past, but is not carrying it at the moment.

Contrary to comments posted on Sailor Moon Forum, Sat.1 is NOT a block within the Toonattik block (nor does Toonattik broadcast during Sat.1). This has been confirmed by speaking with people who are in Britain (kudos to Gary for his help!) , as well as with ITV. We have verified again that Sat.1 is a German channel that can be watched in the UK as well.

4 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Sailor Moon is NOT on the air in Britain”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hello ^^
    Sat 1 hat Sailor Moon einal ausgestrahlt! Doch heute läuft es nicht mehr im Deutschen TV

    (i cant speak english ^^°

  2. sailordees Says:

    Danke anonymous poster! Ich kann nicht gut Deutsch sprechen, aber ich verstehe ihn sehr gut. Ich schätze ihre kommentare sehr viel!

  3. limited2gal Says:

    boy, has news grown(or something)!
    this post from 2008 says sailormoon is airing no-where outside japan! but today, in may 2010, it's airing or confirmed to air in italy, albania (not in my history book), japan, france, germany, scandinavia…
    it's such happy news, too!

  4. sailordees Says:

    no news yet for any other countries other than Italy, Albania, and Japan yet!

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