BREAKING NEWS: Sailor Moon is NOT Currently Confirmed for Latin America in 2011

Last night, we got wind of a couple blog articles that were quoting Toei Animation Inc.’s Latin American Licensing Representative Eduardo Lucio, as saying that Sailor Moon will return in 2011.

First, we’ll feature a translation of the last paragraph posted in this post by ANMTVLA.

The news is very encouraging regarding Latin America. Exclusive to us, Eduardo Lucio, Toei Animation’s representative in Latin America has confirmed that Sailor Moon will return to our region next year, possibly with the original dub and uncensored . This adds to the confirmation by Capital 8 that they will be selling the entire series, but this is still not ruling out the chance of a redub for a new remastered version like Evangelion. Therefore, one of the fans’ biggest requests is becoming a reality with the launch of the new decade. also posted an article
that only said that a release was going to come to Brazil in 2011, but did not quote anyone from Toei Animation.

We were unsure if this was a rumor or not considering that there was no press release linked, quoted, or mentioned in this article, and sought to confirm this as soon as we could. We have since learned that Toei Animation does not have any official Sailor Moon licensing news for Latin America to share with the press at this moment.

Fans, we know that this is a VERY exciting time with the series’ resurrection in Europe and Japan but please don’t count your chickens before they hatch. We have to always wait for a press release, or legitimate word from an actual person involved with these companies. Toei Animation Europe and Backstage Licensing have done a very good job at keeping fans up to date with whatever they can through their press releases, and we know that Toei Animation Inc. in Los Angeles will follow much of the same procedures when the time is right to make their announcements. Right now, it is a waiting game to see what will happen with the series. Thanks for your understanding, cooperation, and your patience! We know you are all excited but we need to be careful, ok?

And to the bloggers at ANMTVLA and, please fix your posts. You aren’t doing the fandom or Sailor Moon any good by posting exclusives like this without verifying your facts.

6 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Sailor Moon is NOT Currently Confirmed for Latin America in 2011”

  1. Efra Says:

    :-(, i really want their Spanish redub. i want to hear again the lovely/bonita voz de Patricia Acevedo

  2. Yoyo Says:

    Maybe Eduardo want the fans be excited, so that Toei could see how many fans want the series to go back on TV. And then give them the license. I WANT SAilorMOON Back to Latin America

  3. setokaiba Says:

    is latin america usa so sailor moon not going to be shown in the usa

  4. sailordees Says:

    Setokaiba: The Latin American operations are in the same office as the North American operations. Latin America is not the United States of America.

    Everyone, the situation is very fragile and it is very important that other blogs do not report anything to do with the series prematurely before anything has been signed (which has more or less been the case here). This could jeopardize the return of the series on this side of the world. Whenever we hear a rumor we always seek to confirm it before we post it. Everyone is well aware how excited you are about the series but fans need to be patient.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I'm still hoping it will come back to the USA. I think it would go to europe and everything before north america. Hmmm..

  6. sandra monte Says:

    I´m in Brazil. I´m journalist and can to talk, many companies, as Toei, said news with brazilian websites. is one of websites.

    Or, brazilian licensor, right? Here, things are different.

    Sandra Monte

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