BREAKING NEWS: Sailor Moon Finally (Officially) Announced for Eastern Europe, Minus Manga

Now, we can finally report this to fans since there is a press release! Sweden’s Plus Licens has renewed their friendship with Sailor Moon years later in a new partnership with Toei Animation Europe. From 1996-2002, Plus Licens held the license for the franchise and led Sailor Moon through Sweden, Finland, Russia, Poland, and Hungary. It also appears that for Sailor Moon’s branding and identity, they will be using the same style guide created in Italy under the guises of creator Naoko Takeuchi. Plus Licens is happy to work again with Sailor Moon, as Maria Ornyd (Category Head of Media) says that the series was the very first Japanese property in Plus Licens’ portfolio. The press release makes special note that they will be working with the series from the broadcast and publishing perspectives, excluding the manga. As of this writing, we are unaware of Kodansha and Princess Naoko Planning’s (PNP) future plans with the manga. Publishing (in Plus Licens’ case) includes television, merchandise, and DVD rights for all 200 episodes throughout their territories in Eastern Europe. Congratulations to Plus Licens, Toei Animation, and Naoko Takeuchi/ PNP, and we wish you continued success with Sailor Moon wherever she may be in the world!

Image Credit from Plus Licens

(And on another note to the companies, can we keep with the pretty press releases? It’s always nice to see an image or two of Sailor Moon rather than reading text with all-too-familiar shades of blue seen on nearly every licensing and release site we monitor!)

2 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Sailor Moon Finally (Officially) Announced for Eastern Europe, Minus Manga”

  1. Ada Says:

    So let me understand this properly, will there be a new anime series with Sailor Moon or just the re-release of the original series?

  2. Senshi Says:

    Ada its a re-release of their old dubs, most likely. There isn't any new Sailor Moon series. IF there was, I would Japan would have it first. :/

    I'm really glad to see Sailor Moon is coming back around the world! Asia, Europe & even Africa?! Let's hope for a N. & S. America release soon!!! ^o^

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