BREAKING NEWS: Sailor Moon Already Back On The Air In A European Country!

Luftetarja e Henes Returns to Albania!

This is a complete surprise to all of us here at Moon Chase – we never even knew there was an Albanian dub! Just a few hours ago, reader Toni sent us an email telling us that Luftetarja e Henes (Rough Translation: Fighters of the Moon) began last week in Albania! Albanians only ever got the first, second, and fourth seasons of Sailor Moon, and only the first two were censored. It is a little strange that there’s no third season in between, and if there were certain plot elements that were a huge issue (such as the relationship between Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune) then there are ALWAYS ways around that creatively (even though some fans may not agree with plot changes). It certainly is no reason to scrap an entire season! Nonetheless, congratulations to the fans in Albania – you can enjoy Odango-Atama again (and hopefully, one day everyone in the world will be able to again).

It is not on a regular cable channel but on a premium one (as will be the case very soon with Italy and Mediaset Permium’s Hiro Channel). Albanians that want to watch Sailor Moon will need to subscribe to Digit-Alb and will have to get a package that includes the children’s channel Bang Bang. Albanians can tune in at 6:35 PM on weekdays! Hey Toei, why is there no mention of this anywhere on your website? We wonder if there are other smaller markets that the show is being broadcast in throughout Europe. If any of our other fans see the show, please send us an email and we will help get the word out!

A special thank you to Toni for sending us this very special sighting that we may have otherwise never known about!

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