BREAKING NEWS: PGSM Boxset to be released in Japan This September!

PGSM fans, mark your calendars! On September 22nd, a boxset of the entire PGSM series is set to be released in Japan. For those fans who are unaware, PGSM stands for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon and is the live action version of Sailor Moon which aired on Japanese television from 2003-2004. An article at has a couple reasons for why they think this boxset is being released. The first is that many of the stars (most notably Keiko Kitagawa who played Sailor Mars) have gone on to bigger and better things in their acting careers. The second, is that some of the new generation of fans have never seen a live action version of Sailor Moon on TV. The timing of this release is perfect given the anime’s revival which is happening around the world. The boxset will include all 49 episodes, the two specials (Special Act and Act Zero), and Kirari Super Live – a live event in almost the same vein as the Sera Myu musicals, starring the cast of PGSM. All other extras included on the initial release will also be included. No word as of this writing if Super Dance Lesson will also be included. This dance lesson was part of a special offer, and fans had to fill out an application included with only certain magazines many years ago to get a copy. The boxset is currently on preorder at and will cost ¥23,210 before shipping (roughly $290 USD).

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  1. Elizabeth Says:

    I can't really handle the live action… it is cheesy… bad cheesy.

  2. A.J. Says:

    It was WAY too cartoonish to take it seriously…

  3. b548e1de-93fd-11e0-86ae-000bcdca4d7a Says:

    Are there going to be English subtitles?

    And about the live action being cheesy — it is quite so. However, I think that they made it that way on purpose. Also, there are quite a few aspects that aren't cheesy, and after two or three episodes, PGSM becomes quite addictive.

  4. sailordees Says:

    to the person that posted above me (what is your username?) there will not be English subtitles in this release as this is being released in Japan.

  5. b548e1de-93fd-11e0-86ae-000bcdca4d7a Says:

    @sailor dees, Thanks so much for getting back to me! I wish they had English subtitles, though.

    I don't know why my name keeps showing up like that. I have to log into my AIM account to post — maybe that's it?

  6. sailordees Says:

    I wonder if it's an Open ID thing. Is it possible to create an ID through google/blogger?

  7. June Says:

    Here, I'm using my google account now. Is it better?

  8. sailordees Says:

    Yeppers! Nice to meet you, June!

  9. ribbon-crimson Says:

    HOLY CRUD. They want me to drop $300 dollars on the live action?!! Even the new Sailor Moon Anime individual boxsets are less than that!!! And they are the freaking bread and butter!!!

    That is outrageous in my opinion. I was interested until I heard the price. D: The show was cute and maybe I'd drop $90 dollars on it as a whole but $300? NO DEAL. (They don't even have english subtitles!)

    Even a diehard Sailor Moon fan must find that price to be ridiculous. Or am I the only one?

  10. queen-noa Says:

    well MOST of the time japanese dvd don't have english subtitles (at least anime)

    And I don't see the problem
    The diskset of PGSM will have 14, in words FOURTEEN, disk's, with all 49 acts, the special act which is one hour and the mini specials, like sailor v's birth
    And cost's like 30.000Yen

    Compare with the new box-set's from the Sailor Moon Anime…They are seasons and even the seasons are parted in two box-set's
    For example Sailor Stars is Volume 1 with three disks and Volume 2 with also three disks, which makes 6 disks for one season and would cost together 18.000Yen

    Take another Season, with also 3 disks per Volume and you'll have almost the volume of the PGSM-set

    For example the 2nd volume from SuperS does have 4 disks and so it costs 12.000Yen and the 1st volume costs 9000yen again with 4 disks

    You have the same amount of disks like you have from PGSM but are paying 39.000Yen

    Well…the anime dvd prices in japan are…insane I think even though xD; (I don't understand why they are so expensive X.x)

    What my opinion is for PGSM…
    I love it more then the anime
    After watching SeraMyu (Musicals) and the Live Series…And reading the Manga…The anime is only 4th place in my personal ranking
    PGSM is so…I don't know…if you forget about the special effects…it's just a better story after all and not half as childish as the anime (my opinion)
    If I had the money for it I would buy it asap

  11. The World of Lurlene Mcdaniel Says:

    i'd get it no matter what, even if it is 300 bucks. The live action in my opinion is way better than the anime (i mean they changed the characters and made usagi so different from her manga counterpart).

    i'll admit that the live action came off as cheesy as first (look at the youma's for instance), but once i started watching episode 5 (i think that's the one where rei and makoto get along), i was hooked. The live action followed the manga really well (with a couple of exceptions). Also the fact that Naoko sensi herself worked on the series proves how awesome the show is.

    i'd get the live action series because it really was a good show, plus i love sailor moon so much and to me, 300 dollars is not bad compared to how much they wanted for the anime boxsets (same with the manga). Anyways i'd get the series. It's worth it.

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