Breaking News! New Live Action Sailor Moon Movie Coming in 2015

Hey fans! We have a big announcement to share with you today. A new live-action movie has been announced for Sailor Moon!

This new film is currently in development and will include all of our favourite senshi.

The cast so far:
Sailor Moon – Dakota Fanning
Sailor Mercury – Candice Accola
Sailor Mars – Janel Parrish
Sailor Jupiter – Alexa Vega
Sailor Venus/ Sailor V – Amanda Seyfried
Sailor Uranus – Celeste Beryl Bonin
Sailor Neptune – Nina Dobrev
Sailor Pluto – Kat Graham
Tuxedo Mask – Ian Harding
Motoki Furuhata – Zach Roerig
Naru Osaka – Emma Watson
Queen Beryl – Salma Hayek

Other roles are still under negotiation at this time. The screenplay will be written with the consultation of Naoko Takeuchi. If this film is successful, we can expect it to be expanded into a series of movies. Michael Bay is slated to direct this film, to be called Sailor Moon: Moon Rising and is excited to add his flair to the Sailor Moon franchise.

All of us here at Moon Chase can’t wait to buy our tickets!

Edit: April Fool’s! There isn’t really a live action movie in the works, but we hope you all have fun today with April Fool’s jokes. Feel free to share your favourites from the web in the comments.

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