BREAKING NEWS! Naoko Was At The 20th Anniversary Event!

In my endless search to put together the best coverage I possibly can to keep everyone updated on what happened at the event, I returned to the blog I found of the first fan I found days ago who had mentioned that she had won a ticket. To my surprise, were a few lines in there about a photo being published on Kyan Chiaki’s blog with none other than Sailor Moon creator Naoko Takeuchi. I didn’t think I was reading this right – because in every news article that I had read, there was no mention of Naoko being there! The blogger thinks that Naoko must have been sitting in the back, and unfortunately she thought she had a terrible spot sitting in the back as well. This blogger is now kicking herself for not looking behind her – she really wanted to meet “Naoko-hime” (Princess Naoko). We are all relieved to see the happiness on Naoko’s face, and this is also the first picture we’ve seen of her in over a year (her Bandai Hobby Center photos were taken in October of last year). Perhaps we may see an entry about this on Sailor Moon Channel? Kyan Chiaki’s entry reads:

It is so great!

I met Ms. Naoko Takeuchi!

Now I feel very unfortunate having dressed the way I did! (NOTE: In a previous entry, she said that she was supposed to wear red boots but at the last minute they were the wrong size so she had to wear white ones.)

Nonetheless, she was very kind and wonderful!

Ms. Takeuchi is known for her beautiful and delicate manga drawings, but in person she is really lovely like a Goddess!

I forgot to wear gloves!!

Until next time!

We are once again relieved, happy, and elated to know that she attended this event!

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  1. esahC Says:

    Well I'll be damned.

  2. Sakky Says:


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  4. Brit-chan Says:

    omg, she really is very pretty! I havn't seen a good photo of her in so many years. It's so awesome to see that she showed up!

    Maybe a light at the end of the tunnel?

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