Breaking News: Naoko is Cooking for You on Sailor Moon Channel!

This was a nice surprise after what has been a rough few days! This month’s Sailor Moon Channel update not only featured a new Mail Corner, but also an update from Princess Sailor Moon Creator Naoko Takeuchi! This time, we got treated to her experience at the charaben classroom not too long ago. It is so nice to finally see photos of her from this event! We have roughly translated this below. The best part of all of this? Look at how happy she is cooking and after she has made her winking Sailor Moon Charaben creation! Naoko, it is so nice to see you happy about Sailor Moon! To access “Princess Naoko’s Room”, click here. The Charaben is the first option and has two parts (first, second). If you decide to use these translations on your site, please give us full credit, and don’t add your site’s own insignias to it. Click the images to make them larger and read them in full!

EDIT: Sorry guys – ro(ろ) and ru(る) look very similar to each other when you are reading late at night! Last panel is better now :).

Also, don’t forget to check out our translated recipe and helpful hints about how to make this on your own!

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