BREAKING NEWS: More Confirmation From Italy!

AnimeFun has posted the first part of their interview with Fabrizio Margaria. There is nothing too revealing in it about how much work had to be done to get the series back, but there are a couple short statements that do confirm this: Sailor Moon will be returning! This guy pictured is Fabrizio himself. He kinda reminds us of Kevin Sorbo’s Hercules.

AnimeFun: Quali sono i vostri ultimi acquisti? (Quelli che noi ancora non conosciamo)

Future GPX Cyber Formula
Penguins of Madagascar
tutti i Looney Tunes e i Tom & Jerry
Saint Seiya
Tutte le serie di Sailor Moon
Come vedete non compro soltanto cose Giapponesi.


AnimeFun: Which series have you acquired? (For those of us who don’t know)

Future GPX Cyber Formula
Penguins of Madagascar
All of Looney Tunes and Tom & Jerry
Saint Seiya
All the series of Sailor Moon
As you can see, not just shows from Japan.

Later on in the interview…

AnimeFun: C’è la minima possibilità di rivedere Sailor Moon in tv, anche solo i film, o il blocco dei diritti è ancora attivo?

Fabrizio: SAILOR MOON tornerà agli inizi di Gennaio 2010 su HIRO!!!!


AnimeFun: Is there a chance to renew Sailor Moon on TV, even just for the movies, or is the blocking of the rights still active?

Sailor Moon will return on HIRO in early January of 2010!

Given this information, it is highly likely that Italians are not going to see a redub. Nonetheless, we are happy about this news and we are officially one step closer to having a return in North America, and possibly other markets in the world! Odango-atama’s comeback continues!

5 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: More Confirmation From Italy!”

  1. Toy Soldier Says:

    I think some italian companies are interested in a Sailor Moon redub. Some years ago the italian "Shin Vision" has started the whole thing with the R movie, then they stopped it because of the rights….
    We are waiting for a new company to take the job. ^_^

  2. Sailor Mini Moon Says:

    How great, thats wonderfull for them. Oh please let america be next oh please, oh please! Now though another fav show of mine winx club has competition. I'm confident each show can hold it's own though.

  3. esahC Says:

    Like I said, let's not get our hopes too high over all this. I'm glad for Italy, but I don't think them getting the rights won't do anything for us Americans.

    Also, on a different note. huzzah for them for getting the Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry. Viva la classic cartoons!

  4. Anatole Says:

    That's wonderful for Italy! With any (or a whole bunch of) luck, the United States will be next!

  5. rabbit on the moon Says:

    He looks nothing like Kevin Sorbo.

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