BREAKING NEWS: Michie Tomizawa Comes Out Of Retirement And A Slice Of Apple Pie!

A special event is going to be held very soon in Nakano, Japan! Anime Bunkasai is set to begin on September 20th and run until the 29th. It’s a special festival where anime fans and people involved with anime (cast and crew) come together to celebrate anime! This year’s theme is all about the heroes of anime! There are many neat events happening in this festival, including Anison Power, where fans get to attend concerts from their favorite anime singers! A free exhibition of the legendary mangaka Shotaro Ishinomori will also take place! There is also a Talkshow event for most days, where legendary Seiyuu and others involved with anime appear for special Q & A’s with the fans. One of the lucky Seiyuu to appear at a Talkshow event is Michie Tomizawa, better known as the voice of Sailor Mars! Michie has been in retirement since she got married in 2002, but has appeared occasionally in small roles in other anime. One of her most recent roles was playing Akemi in one of our staff’s favorite animes, Honey and Clover. Michie will appear for the last Talkshow on September 25th and the site also says that she has come out of retirement (but we’re not entirely sure what she is up to as of this writing). Cosplay at this is welcome, and this is a must-see for anyone interested in being a Seiyuu! For more information and a link to getting tickets for this event, click here! We would love to hear from our Japanese readers (we know there are quite a few of you) who are planning to attend this event!

Also appearing at the festival will be the duo Apple Pie, who is most famous for singing Luna’s image song, simply titled Luna. The song can be found on the Memorial Song Box, but a fan has kindly uploaded the song to YouTube and you can check it out here! Apple Pie also sang Ace Attacker from the PlayStation 2 game Super Robot Wars Alpha 2. Anison Power takes place on September 27th, and has been completely sold out! For more information click here.

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