BREAKING NEWS: Kotono Mitsuishi Plays Mother Hen!

On December 6th, a new family-oriented CGI amimated cartoon will begin on the Family Gekijyo channel in Japan. Kokekko-San is based on a popular children’s picture book series of the same name by Karoku Koubou, which have sold over 200,000 copies! These picture books are not conventionally illustrated, but are rather photos of clay models! The stories are daily reflections of the egg-shaped title character, who is the mother to ten chicks! According to the press release, this is a very heart-warming story of family bonds between mother and child through many familiar “joys” of life, like putting kids to bed, housework, and play! One of the biggest charms of the series is the bright, happy scenery of the town with other residents like policemen and postmen. The producers hope that family, friendship, and themes of helping each other, will spread to the show’s viewers, as well as a hope that this show will help raise Japan’s declining birthrate. They want to show viewers that even though there is a lot of pain and hardship in bringing up a child, there is also pleasurea and happiness. This is a collaboration between Japan and South Korea. The CG animation production will be completed in South Korea, and the series music and stories will be written in Japan. The show will begin in Korea sometime in November. And playing Kokekko-san is none-other than Sailor Moon herself, Mitsuishi Kotono! We think she will have something special to give to this role since she spoke fondly of how she loves to spend time watching Sailor Moon with her daughter and how her perspective on the series has changed! And the show looks so darned cute too, and we can only hope that a show like this makes its way to North America for the preschooler set. We’d have enjoyed it too at that age!

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