BREAKING NEWS: Italy to Get New Toys!

Yesterday, we came across a posting on a LiveJournal Sailor Moon fan community that had an interesting piece of breaking news about Italy getting new toys. Emily asked for the post, and she then told us where the fan (mizu_no_ryuu) found it. We’ve read through it! A fan says that they contacted Backstage (an agency which has handled Sailor Moon merchandise) and they confirmed that there will be a return of Sailor Moon merchandise to the market just like in the past! The toys will once again be made by Giochi Preziozi! The deal will be finalized and made official in October, and they are waiting to see if there are other countries around the world that are going to get the rights to the show. If there are, then Giochi Preziozi could be a toy manufacturer for these countries as well (just the same as Bandai used to export some of their toys around the world). Now the interesting thing here is, while new DVDs have been announced in Japan, we haven’t seen or heard any announcements for new toys or other merchandise. This is a little strange to us because one of the big selling points for the show in the initial press releases was that this was going to introduce Sailor Moon to a brand new generation. So wouldn’t the new generation like to have some shiny new toys to play with? Nonetheless, congratulazioni Italia and even though you are not going to get a re-dub for now, at least you are getting the show back on TV and some new merchandise! For those of you who want to check out some of the brilliant toys Giochi Prezioso put out in the past,click here and here!

5 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Italy to Get New Toys!”

  1. Jim! Says:

    Pegasus is terrifying.

  2. V-V-rae Says:

    IM SO EXCITED! If you find a way to order them in america will you please post it?

  3. ochibawolf Says:

    I have heard this as well, and I hope with everything, that it isn't just a rumor. But I'm totally for sure that Japan will produce a toy line for the 20th anniversary. I mean, this is Japan, home of anime! They know how well Sailor Moon was in the past(with the merchandise) so I'm sure they will hop on that band wagon again. All in due time 🙂

  4. Moon Chase Says:

    Yes – we will keep you posted if we find a way for fans to import the toys!

    I find that Pegasus to be a little ugly!

  5. Toy Soldier Says:

    Yes, I can confirm this ^^, and since Preziosi is also producing and selling manga and anime dvds now, we may also get the manga re-released and the anime on dvd. Most of the italian fans are hoping for double tracks dvds (old dub + japanese dub with italian subtitles). Let's hope for the best… ^^

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