BREAKING NEWS: Italian Press Release Shows Potential of International Revival of Sailor Moon!

Finally, after many months of waiting, Toei Animation Europe finally posts an official press release announcing the return of Sailor Moon! As we reported not too long ago, Italy’s Backstage Licensing and Toei have signed an exclusive deal to resurrect Sailor Moon on the Italian market. Backstage, will be managing the TV, publishing, merchandising, and theatrical release rights of the franchise (Sacre Bleu, does this mean the manga as well?). The press release also says “The feasibility of this project also relies on a close collaboration with the original author of SAILORMOON, Mrs Naoko Takeuchi.” This is echoing what the licensing reporters were speaking of before with the Style Guide. But the best part of this press release is a quote from Mr. Kanji Kazahaya, the General Director of Toei Animation Europe:

“We are very happy, to have Backstage as the licensing partner of SAILORMOON. It is one of the most important factor of success. We are certain that strategically Italy is the ideal country to initiate a global re-launch of the classic Japanese animated series, such as SAILORMOON. The Italian public has traditionally been passionate about ‘anime’.”

Perhaps, this strategy chose Italy first to “test the waters” since it is not necessarily one of the bigger markets that Sailor Moon has been successful with (a Spanish dub for example, would be shown in various markets in Europe, South, and Latin America, and the English dub would go to Australia and the UK, aside from North America). Best to see what happens in a smaller market in case it doesn’t go well (but we can’t imagine Sailor Moon not doing well)!

Unfortunately, the press release also announces that the series is delayed to air again, this time listing it as Autumn 2010. Another website, MangaForever, has posted a new image and this may be from the style guide considering the copyrights posted below. We have to say, we love this new logo (if it will be a new logo) – it is a LOT better than the old titles which just appeared to look like drab colored text during the show openings. We have featured this new image above – what do you all think?

We recommend all of our Italian readers, send Toei, Mediaset, and Backstage licensing their most heartfelt “Grazie Tanto!” This was a long time coming, Italia!

10 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Italian Press Release Shows Potential of International Revival of Sailor Moon!”

  1. Jim! Says:

    In the press release, it is written that the feasibility of that project has also relied on a close collaboration with the original author of SAILORMOON, Mrs
    Naoko Takeuchi!!!

    I love the old European logo (the used in the Arcade game), but the new one is better to fit in the frames in the opening sequence images. The old one is huge.

    The illustration is great. I have no doubts, that illustration is new, I have not seen it before.

    I am happy, I hope new merchandising in Italy, but specailly in japan. I want new PVC figures!

  2. Jim! Says:

    Another illustration I had never seen:

  3. Mercurius360 Says:

    Well, Italy, you are the hope to help bring Sailor Moon back to the rest of the world. Don't let us down. 😉

  4. B Says:

    All I can say is, HELL YEAH!!!!!

    I'm like a SM zombie. . .
    *ack cough* I MEAN, EAT BRAINS. . .

    P.s. I love your blog!!!

  5. Christina Says:

    Yay! I second that! Italian fans, get out there and help us bring Sailor Moon back! For love and justice!

  6. esahC Says:

    "a global re-launch" eh? I'm still a little cautious, but hey, great to know there's official proof they're testing the water and are hoping the best.

    But the future can surprise us. So I like I said once, we'll see…

  7. Fighter4luv Says:

    The new art looks really cute ^_^ I hope this is the start of something great for Sailormoon.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I'm SOOO excited! This is awesome news! I hope it does extremely well in Italy that way Mrs. Takeuchi & Toei will finally agree Sailor Moon deserves to come back to America! I REALLLY wanna see Stars dubbed with the original voice cast. I can't wait to see all the new merchandise and things to come. And the new animation is awesome! I wonder if maybe one day Naoko would consider making a new special or movie or maybe even new season of SM…That'd be awesome. Either way this is great news. Horray for the return of SAILOR MOON!!!!!!!

  9. Calvin Says:

    I like the typeface of the new English-language logo. It's stylish and modern, yet still entirely appropriate for the source material. The old logo feels very dated now.

    Best of luck to Italian Sailormoon franchise relaunch!

  10. Jacky Yap Says:

    I'm So suprise! This is awesome news!
    That new art looks really cute 😉
    Must must must have more more more Sailormoon…………….
    New special or movie or maybe even new season of SM,that be awesome.
    Cant wait,hope this is the start of something for Sailormoon.
    Mrs Naoko Takeuchi you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!

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