BREAKING NEWS: Guess Who Fails To Acknowledge 20th Anniversary Celebration; Italy Manga and Anime News

Sailor Moon Channel Fails, Yet Again

This morning marked the first of Sailor Moon Channel‘s two monthly updates. And, this update seems to be incredibly bare bones. Only the Luna Report this time! And the letters aren’t even worth talking about in too much detail. Here’s what they are about: one reader looks forward to reading the Luna Report when it is updated, and oversleeps like Sailor Moon, one fan says they rented Sailor Moon from the stores up until last year, and wants to know how Minako got her pen (answer: Artemis gave it to her a year before she met Sailor Moon), a fan wants to be like Sailor Moon because she is gentle, pure, and strong, a 14-year old boy wrote in asking how long it would take him to grow his hair as long as his favorite superhero (answer: long hair requires lots of maintenance, but please keep supporting the show), and a very short letter from an 8-year-old fan wishing Usagi good luck on her tests. Last month’s questions were a lot less shallow. Seriously? These were the best ones? But, considering it is a weekend, maybe sometime next week we will see a new “Flashimated” manga chapter. This is very disappointing since it is only a matter of days that fans still have left to order their DVDs from Toei, and there is just no mention on the official site. Earlier this week, Naoko Takeuchi was not listed to attend the 20th anniversary celebration either. Maybe we’ll hear about this event in late December or January with a small token picture and short entry… what an appalling show from the creator. What gives, Naoko?

Italy’s DVD Release Sparks Bidding War, and Still No Word on Manga

Italian Correspondent Lights sent us this link yesterday to a forums post from a fan who managed to get some more information. The lockdown may have happened because of many companies in the world selling the rights to the DVDs without Naoko knowing (but, we cannot confirm this since she is so secretive). 3 companies are currently engaged in a bidding war over the DVD release in Italy – DYNIT, Yamato Video Publishing, and Giochi Preziosi Publishing. The other interesting thing is these 3 companies are also fighting for an uncensored re-dub. We also read earlier this morning that Claudia Bovini, a staff member for Star Comics in Italy, still has no new news on any negotiations for the manga. It is likely that in the Fall of 2010, the show will air in the afternoons on a new channel, Italy 2. Fans, this is great news to know that there is competition going on for the release rights, and now it is all up to Toei and Naoko to let loose their grip on the series.

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  1. esahC Says:

    Don't worry guys. Like spoiled rich kids, Toei and Naoko will give in. But like children, you just got to give it time. And in their case, a LONG time.

    You'll see. Or not. Who knows.

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