BREAKING NEWS: Geneon Calls it Quits

RIP Geneon 🙁

As seen on and Anime News Network, Geneon is pulling out of the North American Market. They will cease sales and distribution on Friday. Even we are surprised by the short notice of this, and are even more worried that these properties will still be managed by Geneon but there is no mention of a distributor. We really hope they find one soon! It will be interesting to see what happens in the next few months as fans scramble to find Geneon releases.

This is still saddening news though as Geneon was one of the friendliest companies in the North American markets. Their representatives at anime cons were always willing to speak to fans and always welcomed to hear comments. And they have a special place in the hearts of Sailor Moon fans for helping to bring S, SS, and the Movies to the English speaking world. Over the years they had many hit titles such as Akira, Serial Experiments Lain, Appleseed, Tenchi Muyo, Sailor Moon, and many more. Even though their presence will not be as great as it used to be, we wish them the best of success in this new venture.

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