BREAKING NEWS: G4 Tech TV Canada to Add Six New Titles to Anime Current!

For all you Canucks who subscribe to G4 TechTV Canada, prepare to be blown away! Currently they are burning off their episodes of Lupin the Third, but starting July 21st, the network will be adding six more Geneon Titles to their Anime Current block (big round of applause)! And the best part is, all of these series are recent!

On July 21st, check your local evening listings for two hits from anime masterminds Yoshitoshi ABe and Yasuyuki Ueda. Serial Experiments Lain and Texhnolyze will be having their Canadian Premiere! Serial Experiments Lain is one of Moon Chase’s top anime picks – the series takes a look at the definition of reality through the eyes of the lonely Lain Iwakura. Watch this series if you can get the channel! Texhnolyze is a darker anime that deals with Armageddon and self-identity and might bode well with our older readers. If Saturdays are for “thinking anime” then Sundays are definitely for action anime! On July 26th, look out for Last Exile and Tokyo Underground– two adventure animes with wars, spells, comedy, romance and everything in between! Beginning July 26th is the cult suspense-hit Ergo Proxy, and July 27th is Paranoia Agent.

We’re really looking forward to the changes that G4 TechTV Canada is bringing to their schedule and we hope it will be a hit!

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