BREAKING NEWS: For all you Anza Oyama fans…

Yesterday, a review of Head Phones President’s concert at the Pacific Media Expo was posted to Asia Pacific Arts. Head Phones President is described as a band that is experimental/rock, but after hearing some of their music we’d almost compare them to Evanescence. They’ve got that dark, emotional, rock aspect to their music.

We’d never imagined someone who grew up in the idol industry completely go in a different direction from what they started with. Anza Oyama, the lead singer of the group, is best known for appearing in 13 Sera Myu (Sailor Moon Musicals) playing Sailor Moon. Later she appeared in Japanese productions of Les Miserables, Miss Saigon, When Harry Met Sally, Mr. Holland’s Opus, and Three Sisters. In 2000, Head Phones Presidents was formed, and since then they have released a few maxi-singles, mini-albums, two albums and a DVD. Anza last year released a single, Kanata e which was used as the second ending for the anime, Glass Feet.

The reviewer described the show as intense, with each of the band members in their own zone for the whole concert. They were really able to project their feelings of pain and trauma towards the audience – so much so that the band collapsed to the floor at the end because it was emotionally and physically exhausting. But backstage, they were really friendly and ordinary compared to the personas they have on the stage! The article goes on to mention how the songs are written from personal experience, Anza had a rough time during her teenage years and kept a diary, which influences a lot of her music. Anza is half South-African, and would always get teased and harassed at school.

For more information on Head Phones President, go visit their official site or MySpace page!

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