BREAKING NEWS: Flashpoint Season 3 begins on July 17th… On CBS?!

Breaking earlier today on CBS’s Press Express was an announcement about Stephanie Morgenstern’s (Sailor Venus #1), and her husband Mark Ellis’ Flashpoint having a Season 3 premiere on July 17th. So much for having a break until the fall, we are all working hard behind the scenes to get our Flashpoint blog up, and I was looking forward to a long break from watching any episodes! In an effort to have caught up with our summaries, I have been running a marathon through all of Season 2 since Monday! The episode that will air that day is “Coming To You Live”, about a popular radio show host who is holding a prominent politician hostage on the air. He is seeking revenge for a murder that he thinks the politician committed years ago, and is ready to kill him on the air. Can the SRU fix this situation? We’ll get to see in about 3 weeks. As for whether I will be able to keep up with the summaries or not, I can’t speculate on that right now 😉 though if this experience has taught me anything, I will have to keep up with it at least a few days after they air!

We here at Moon Chase are surprised by this announcement. CBS had kept the show off of it’s Fall Schedule, while CTV had announced that it was on theirs, and also committed to 13 episodes for 2010. Now if CBS’s Ghost Whisperer, NUMB3RS, and Medium are set to premiere on September 25th this leaves room for up to 10 new episodes of Flashpoint to air. Nine episodes are being shot right now, and this set of episodes began shooting in May. We are a little worried about Flashpoint’s future, and perhaps it was CTV’s announcement of the show airing on it’s Fall schedule that provoked this action by CBS. It’s a strange and twisted industry, and we were looking forward to seeing it again in the Fall on a more regular schedule. We sure hope that the show’s future will be made clear in the coming days.

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  1. 15adreanna Says:

    I hope FLASHPOINT will have a season three, I'm so tired of all the CSI's, and reality tv. this was a wonderful change without the blood and guts. I just got hooked on season two didn't even know about season one, but love the show, I have been trying for weeks to find out if there was going to be a season three, HOPE it will!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 15adreanna Says:

    PLEASE let there be a season three of FLASHPOINT, just got hooked!!!!!!!!! SICK OF CSI's and the "real TV" ugh. this is a wonderful show without all the blood and guts, please lets keep a good one for a change.

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